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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bella and Yoshi's Playtime: Riding on a Twist Car

Bella is enjoying summer with Kuya Yoshi around. Yes, Kuya Yoshi is in Davao once again for another round of  vacation and both kids are really having a great time together. Even at their young age, Yoshi (2) and Bella (1) get along really well. They can be both in one place for a long time without the usual fight over some toys or whatever. And that of course made us very happy. :-). Thank you kids for making our lives less complicated.

Trying to be a big brother :-)....
Pointing to a passing airplane...
Bella was trying to drive Kuya Yoshi's new twist car and instead of pushing her away from the car, Kuya Yoshi rode with her. Both kids enjoyed the ride despite the sweat coming from the summer heat. Enjoy summer!


  1. playing with Kuya Yoshi looks fun baby Bella :-) hope you enjoy the summer baby :-) Dropping by for Happiness Is...

  2. Cute pics! Sweet namn ni Yoshi at nag she- share ng toy nya!

  3. very cute play mates :-) hope they Kuya Yoshi is Bella's best buddy when they grow up Sis Rovie :-) Dropping by for WW.

  4. pa angkas din! lol. cute cute nila.

    from WW

  5. Good for them.. Bahala na magka pawis2x basta enjoy lng sila:)

    Visiting for happiness- hope you can stop by:)

  6. uh-oh.. the pictures wont load :( i'll just come back next time..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Happy Birthday To My Most Beautiful Sister!

  7. uh-oh..can see the pictures? be back later :)

  8. Uy oo nga, buti nandiyan si Yoshi, may kalaro si Bella! Hanggang kelan si Yoshi diyan sa inyo? Medyo hawig din pala si Bella at Yoshi no? Mukhang type na type ni Bella yung twist bike ng kuya Yoshi nya ah. Hehe!

    Bisita ito for Happiness Is. Napasaya mo ako sa pag link up, Rovz :) Hugs!

  9. Aw I'm so happy for bella dear! Good that kuya yoshi is around to play with her? I'm sure that she will miss kuya yoshi when he goes back home.

  10. hello free for exchange link??

  11. yeah obviously they enjoyed the twist car a lot, enjoy your summer too Mare. And sorry for the late reply thanks for the visit anyway. My Daily Mumbles

  12. wow, two kids are having fun which is really great...sobrang enjoy nila ang twist car tsaka bait naman kuya yoshi's, living up to being a kuya! sweet. visiting from last week's happiness is...hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)


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