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Monday, March 12, 2012

First Children's Party Attendance

The first experiences of any child is always a milestone. As a full-time mother to Bella, I always see to it that I am able to take into account her many firsts in life. Just like the first children's party she attended when she was about five months old. It was Ezekiel's 3rd birthday celebration and of course Bella's first birthday invitation.

If this party was Bella's first, well, this was also my first time to attend a party as a mother and I tell you, it was a bit of an experience for me. My first time to eat using one hand while my  other hand was carrying Bella :-). I find it hard at first but get used to it in no time. It was a great party but Bella didn't have much time to enjoy it since she was already sleeping before the party ends. The poor baby was really dead to the world until we got home. I still find the experience enjoyable because moments spent with my little is always priceless.

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  1. awww! pretty in blue Bella :-) did you enjoy your first party invitation? Returning the visit from Blue Monday Sis Rovie :-)

    1. We enjoyed it in a way.... Thanks for being here sis...

  2. Bella looks just a wee bit apprehensive in that first photo!

    Childhood’s Dandelion

  3. Bella is fortunate to have such a good mother. Thanks for sharing these blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rovie.

  4. ang lusog ni Bella! kakatuwa naman :D exciting ang motherhood mo, rovz ;) pati ako na-e-excite. hehe!

    uy, medyo busy busy pa din ako, kaya di makahirit sa blogging. pasilip silip lang muna. pero starting tomorrow and the next two weeks, medyo may free time ako sa gabi mag-blog kaya kakaririn kong mag catch up sa blogging lalo na sa pagdalaw sa blogs nyo :)


  5. She looks so cute Mommy Rovz!

    One of my blue enty is at my Spice Up Your Life blog, come and take a peek. Have a great week!

  6. Mommy Rovs, sobrang nabusog yata si Bella at nakatulog. Di na natapos yung party. Hehe. I'm glad that Bella is socializing na!

  7. aww, that's a precious moment mommy. that's good that you both had a good time in that party.

  8. Ang cute ni Bella! :D Sarap siguro maging Mommy noh? hehehe...

    Visiting back!

  9. Sigh she was not able to see barney I could see she's sleeping visiting from wednesday whites. My Daily Mumbles

  10. Wow. So cute peach. Hope you enjoyed a lot.

  11. Uy! Party girl na pala si Bella, hehe!

  12. Cute! Visiting from Happiness this time, mine is here My Little Home

  13. wow, bella will enjoy it more as she grows bigger...expect more party soon! :) bella's so cute...and its really nice bonding moment with you. visiting from WW, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)

  14. ang cute naman ni bella. aba nakikiparty na sya ha.. hehe

    from Wednesday whites, heres mine

  15. very cute invitation for sweet Bella :-) Visiting late from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return your white visit too.

  16. for sure nagenjoy si Bella, visiting for Happines is, I hope you can visit my share at

    see yeah!!!

  17. awww! yay! Bella on your first birthday party invitation, you are too cute :-) Visiting from happiness is, hope that you can return your happy visit too.

  18. Bumabalik dito for Happiness Is :)

  19. visiting for my other entry of happiness is, see you at

    please do leave some love..

  20. Really precious first time mommy moment. in time, she'll have her own kiddie chair in parties and you'll be able to eat in peace, lol. thanks for visiting us last week, rovs. Sorry for this very late visit. One of the kids got sick and it's been a very hectic week for us.
    enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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