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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bella Acquired Infection

In my previous post I talked about where Bella was given birth. Since the whole environment was not sterile Bella was infected. She was diagnosed with  Neonatal Sepsis, the term that is very unfamiliar to me. The NNF Teaching Aids defined Neonatal Sepsis as a clinical syndrome of bacteremia with systemic signs and symptoms of infection in the first 4 weeks of life. I don't understand it either :).

2 days old  @ 11.21.11

Bella was tested for Complete Blood Count daily within 3 consecutive days because her initial result  was below normal due to infection and her platelet went as low as 21K/ul  wherein the normal should be at 147-347K/ul. Her blood samples were also cultured to check if her bloodstream was infected. To cure her infection, Bella was given antibiotics for seven days.

undergoing Phototherapy
On our 3rd day in the hospital,  her doctor noticed that Bella's skin was becoming yellowish and that condition is called Jaundice. According to KidsHealth, jaundice is  a common condition in newborns and it refers  to the yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by excess bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is produced by the normal breakdown of red blood cells. Whatever that means,  I am pretty sure that Bella needs further treatment. 

In her left foot is a heplock -used for her antibiotics injection
Though Jaundice can be considered normal to newborn babies, I can't help but worry seeing Bella so helpless with all of  those treatments. Bella's doctor has ordered to let her undergo Phototherapy. It is a light treatment wherein a  phototherapy  light is use to eliminate bilirubin in the blood. These light waves are absorbed by the baby's skin and blood and change bilirubin into products, which can pass through their system (credits to UM Mott Children's Hospital).

The Phototherapy treatment lasted until the day we were discharged from the hospital. It was a 24/7 treatment and the  only rest was during bathing and diaper changes. Thank God, Bella is strong enough to surpass  all those treatments not to mention the antibiotics she's taking three times daily and  the several times of  blood sampling which made her  cry her heart out. By the way, she's  supposed to have Urinalysis but we weren't able to get her urine samples for the nth time of trying  so her doctor decided to just let it pass. 

Bella with the Photo Lights On

We were allowed to go home the day the last shot of antibiotics were given. It was the day my nephew Yoshi  chose to celebrate his first birthday  to also welcome Bella in the family. It was an emotional moment for me thinking that finally I can say that my little girl is now safe. By the way, her new born screening result is all within normal limits. I thank the Lord for giving Bella a strong heart to get over all those challenges. Our little bundle of joy is indeed a big warrior of life.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I just couldn't believe to receive  my first ever blog award!  I felt so honored and grateful for this!
This Versatile Blogger Award is  courtesy of a Supermom I met at MBC, the brain behind

To show gratitude and acknowledgement, anybody   who received this award should   link back to the one who gave it to her and be generous enough  to  pass it along! Please check out my Versatile Blogger Awardees, they are the bloggers who inspired me  and touched my life through their blogs  and their constant support.

Lets Eat Some Good Food

And there you go guys! Thank you very much for the learning and the inspiration you shared through your  blogs. And to you  Supermom Ali, thank you  for making  my day! Cheers!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Gave Birth Inside The Car

In my previous post, I have said that Bella was not delivered inside the hospital but inside our car. Yes,  just 5 minutes before we reached the hospital. And here  is the exact account of that day... 

It was November 19,2010... A day I could never forget. It was a beautiful Friday morning. I woke up early and after eating my breakfast I was prepared to play "tong-its" (card game) with mama and my cousin Jing. Playing card games was part of our daily thing. I demanded it to keep away boredom and also as part of the family's bonding. No money was  involve in our game so it wouldn't be considered gambling :). 

At around 9:00AM, I felt uneasy and I informed mama about it. I also called my sister and my husband letting  them know my situation. My husband wanted to go home right away thinking that I will be giving birth any minute but I told him that it was not yet my due date. My sister has also told me that if I'll  be giving birth that day, it wouldn't be that early. So I just relax and chat with friends on facebook and even  let  mama cut my toe nails.

this is Bella's  real birth place

 At 10:00AM, the pain was progressing so I called my doctor and told her about it. She advised me to go to the hospital right away. It still didn't dawned on me that I will be giving birth that day that's why  I just laid  down and nap. After an hour, mama has been very persistent in saying that I should take a bath and prepare to go to the hospital because she was sure that I will be giving birth anytime soon. And so I  did.

By that time, the pain was very progressive already. Though  I am in pain, I still managed to ate lunch and dress up for the hospital. I also called Bren telling him to go home right away. My water bag  broke  between 11:30AM- 12:00NN. Bren arrived home at exactly 12NN. We all hurried up to the hospital with my sister driving and Bren sitting beside me at the back seat.

2 hours old Bella

My sister was really driving fast while I was trying to control and manage the labor pains. Most of the time I turn to Bren for comfort.The pain was really there and it was real! I already felt Bella in between my legs so I told Bren to check out and when he did,  he saw that Bella's head was already out. He immediately caught her and without much effort from her father,  Bella gave her first ever cry. It was like music to our ears. 

Despite beating on the  red lights   and overtaking here and there with a few whistles from the traffic aides, I gave birth  to Bella inside our car; it was at the intersection of Sta.Ana and J.P. Laurel Streets. Time is exactly 12:30PM. We arrived at the  hospital  5 minutes  after I gave birth and  there goes Bella  lying in her father's  hands. She was immediately taken cared of by the doctors and nurses while I was brought to the OR. It was not just  any ordinary  experience but a happy momentous and unforgettable  one  for me  and most especially for my husband. Anyway, who would ever forget that? Our little  Bella made history.Lol!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Preggy with Bella at 7 months

This blog was created to be an online journal of  Bella's life. And talking about her, I wanted to start sharing her story when the time that she is still in my womb. My little girl did not gave me a hard time during pregnancy. Yes, there were several times that  I have become uneasy  but I embraced it all as I was comfortably bringing her in my belly as she grows heavier and bigger day by day.  I anticipated the day of her arrival with much joy and excitement.

with 7 months old Bella inside me

Bella has let me experienced many firsts in my life. I don't have to tell it all because I am very sure that almost all first-time moms have the same stories to tell.  But my very unforgettable one was when I gave   birth to her  on our way to the hospital. Yes, she was delivered inside our car! You asked how and what exactly happened?  I will tell you more on my next post ;).

Sunday, August 07, 2011

New Template

I'm finally done with  the new template for this blog. I am very very happy and satisfied with how it looks. This is just exactly what I want it to be... Soft and more pink colors. Thank you very much for the free bloggers template from this site...

Please check out the new templates of my other blogs:

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Thank you very much for following. Have a blessed Sunday!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

First Ever Post

Welcome and Good day!

This is my first ever post for the site dedicated to Bella and everything about her. This blog site is entitled "Anything About Bella"   because this will  often feature  things about her.

 This blog is purposely created for Bella  for her to know her history and this is also going to be  one of the "places" she will go and see for her to know herself better  when she is already of age. I hope she will appreciate this as this is somehow my legacy to her and also  my way of showing her my love and gratitude for coming into our lives and for making me complete as a woman.