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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hi everyone. 

Thanks so much for dropping by here. As you can see there isn't much update on this blog because I have moved it to WordPress. I was told that it is more secured and protected to use WordPress as long as you have a reliable host for your blogs.

I would really appreciate if you can follow me and subscribe to my new posts . Please CLICK HERE  to proceed to my new home.

See you all there!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bella's Summer Look

Bren and I wanted Bella to have a long hair so even after one year old we didn't initiate to get her a haircut but we were so surprise to see her one afternoon with a super short hair courtesy of my mother. I was a bit reactive on how Bella looks. Check out the pictures below for you to understand why :( ...

A snap from Tachu's phone...
Playing with Tachu...

I actually don't know what to say when I first saw her. I think Bren and I attended mass when Bella had her haircut. When I asked mama about it she said that Bella was getting so irritable with her long hair and since she's already one year old  it's the right time to cut her hair. Mama has even justified that it is timely for Bella to have this kind of hair to avoid further irritation caused by the summer heat. 

This is how she looks before her first unforgettable haircut. Maybe, my mom was somehow right about giving Bella her summer look. I just wish it is not too short though...

 What about your little kids, do they need a summer haircut too? :-)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bella and Yoshi's Playtime: Riding on a Twist Car

Bella is enjoying summer with Kuya Yoshi around. Yes, Kuya Yoshi is in Davao once again for another round of  vacation and both kids are really having a great time together. Even at their young age, Yoshi (2) and Bella (1) get along really well. They can be both in one place for a long time without the usual fight over some toys or whatever. And that of course made us very happy. :-). Thank you kids for making our lives less complicated.

Trying to be a big brother :-)....
Pointing to a passing airplane...
Bella was trying to drive Kuya Yoshi's new twist car and instead of pushing her away from the car, Kuya Yoshi rode with her. Both kids enjoyed the ride despite the sweat coming from the summer heat. Enjoy summer!