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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Easy Tips for a Childproof Home

 Your little bundle of joy surely gives happiness everyday. Young kids have this ability to lighten up even the gloomiest mood and turn a parent’s bad day to a good one. Having toddlers running around the house sure is a lot of fun but your home could pose some dangers to these youngsters and you might not even be aware of it. Ensuring that they are safe and secured even while the house is a responsibility of every parents. Remember that young children are often active and curious about things, always keep an eye out and look at what they are up to in order to prevent any accidents.

Having a childproof home also provides a great help especially for busy parents. Since moms and dads have other things to do around the house, it will benefit them to have a home where they can feel at ease and confident that their kids are safe. Here are some easy ways on how you can make your home a childproof one:

  1. Install safety gates on areas where babies and toddlers could easily get into an accident such as the stairs.
  2. Since kids run around the house, make sure that the corners and edges of tables and other furniture have protectors that way they won’t get injured if they accidentally bump into it.
  3. Most home improvement and other retail stores sell doorknob covers which is necessary in order to prevent your children from opening the doors to the rooms around the house such as the storage or laundry area where tools and cleaning products might be in store.
  4. Young kids, because of curiosity will insert their fingers on holes that they see. If electrical outlets around the house are within their reach, place outlet covers and make sure that appliances are unplugged when not in use.

At all cost, avoid having too much clutter, hang the electrical cords and keep your floor free from things that might strangle them or make them trip over.

Sabrina is a freelance content writer that is passionate about reading and traveling. She is currently working on a gulvafslibning Odense project which aims to provide information about floor sanding in a Danish city called Odense.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Moments At the Swing

The native swing at home was made of rattan and has been  with us a few months after I gave birth to Bella. My mother having known  the  importance and usefulness of  a swing was very  insistent so I bought one just to gave in to her request .

Sleeping or sitting down in the swing has become a part of our daily routine especially every morning and  afternoon after Bella's daily walking and strolling activity. 

Mama's daily thing... putting Bella and Yoshi to sleep at the same time...

Kuya Macky with Bella at the swing...

It made me so happy to see how this swing  has become a silent witness to our family's loving and  bonding moments. I bought the swing for 400 pesos but  I've got more than my money's worth. This is not just an ordinary swing for me but an important part of Bella  and Yoshi's childhood memories.

Smiling Sally

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All By Herself

I am so amazed when I saw Bella trying to stand all by herself last night. It was actually the first time I saw her do that. To date, Bella is already one year and two months old and other people says that she should be walking by now  but you know, our little angel is a bit pampered and her Tatay Bren wouldn't want to let her stand by herself alone until she was already one year old. 


Her Tatay Bren believes that babies will learn their thing in their own precious time. Bren  said that since Bella is a girl she shouldn't  be taught how to walk at an early age to avoid deformity on her legs. I think Bella is now ready to walk because she can now make a step or two  without help from any of us. This progress marks another milestone in Bella's life.

Another achievement that makes us proud and happy. Keep it up Bella girl. We are all here to support you.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Daughter and Mom Bonding Time

One of the things that gives me great joy as a mother is the time I spent with Bella. I am so thankful and proud to be a full-time mom because  I have every opportunity to enjoy and look after Bella all the time. As mother and daughter, we got to enjoy simple things like cuddling and playing anytime, anywhere...

Enjoying a beautiful afternoon at Waterlily Street....
One precious moment with Bella...

I  am loving every minute of being a mother to Bella. For me, nothing compares to the joy of being a mom especially when you have a baby as lovable and as happy as Bella.

Thanks Tita Algene for the First Comment...

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Swimsuit And A Borrowed Inflatable Pool

Bella had a blast in her first swimming pool experience and it looks like she didn't had enough that time so the next day, my sister let her use the available inflatable pool owned by Kuya Tep (Yoshi's cousin). It was her first time to use an inflatable pool and she is just so delighted. 

And for the sake of first experiences, I let Bella wore the first ever swimsuit she have given to her by Tita Cindy ( Kuya Tep's mom) as a birthday gift.

Bella is just so happy! Thanks Tita Cindy and Kuya Tep...

After her first experience swimming in the pool, I realized that  Bella  likes being in the water sooo much. Although Kuya Yoshi is there but kind of hesitant to join her, Bella enjoyed the inflatable pool all by herself  while Kuya Yoshi is on his usual "swimming basin" on the side.

My little girl had so much fun wearing her first ever swimsuit while playing and swimming in a borrowed inflatable pool. I thank God for the simple things that made Bella happy which of course made me a happy mother as well.

Smiling SallyMellowYellowMondayBadge

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

First Swimming Pool Experience

One of the activities  we attended during our vacation in Cagayan de Oro was a pool party courtesy of my  college buddy Erwin. It was actually a mini-reunion plus his wife's advance birthday celebration. I initially do not have  plans to let Bella swim in the pool because she have colds that time but since we were already there and also due to the encouragement of everyone around, I allowed Bella to play in the pool side.

Bella playing  while Erwin and his kids (Ethan and Enzo) on the background...

She did enjoy playing in the water letting her feet get wet at first and eventually her hand and finally her whole body as well. Since I  was not planning to let her swim, I did not bring her swimsuit but let her wear a dress  and   leggings instead. Her Ninang Lucille was making fun of her swimming outfit. Lol!

Happily playing with Ate Nonon...

With Ninang Lucille, Tita Jing and Enzo...

It was raining that night and although she's obviously feeling cold, Bella was so hesitant to get out of the pool. She enjoyed playing with Ate Mika, my first inaanak and Ate Nonon, Mika's younger sister . While a little worried about her colds, I  was also delighted and proud to see that Bella is not afraid of water but rather  enjoyed it. It was a revelation for me and I  consider this experience as another milestone in Bella's life.

Thank you Marie for the First Comment...

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