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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas with Bella

This has been our second  Christmas with Bella and we always look forward to celebrate this season with her together with family and friends. She was still a month old when we celebrated the first Christmas with her  in 2010 and during that time she was just practically sleeping all night long.

Bella's first Christmas...December 2010

This year was somehow different; we let her sleep earlier on the night of December 24 and woke her up to join us in the celebration of the Noche Buena. She was a little sleepy as you can see in  her  pictures but she did enjoy the food as she was lavishly eating her share of lechon manok which sadly triggers  her allergy. 

With Tachu Bren enjoying Lechon Manok...
A pose after eating our Noche Buena...
Bonding time with Nanay and Tachu at Waterlily Street...

We just celebrated a simple Christmas  this year aside from the fact that our budget is tight due to our previous spending especially on our recent vacation and also on Bella's birthday celebration   last month. No matter how simple, Christmas  is always perfect when shared  with friends and family.

As a mother, Christmas will always be happy and memorable with our little girl around. My only wish and prayer this Christmas is for Bella to be in perfect shape all the time.  

Merry Christmas and advance Happy 2012 to all  of you

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bloggers Helping Sendong Victims In CDO

Cagayan de Oro is like a home to me. I was actually there a few weeks ago appreciating the beauty of the  city, enjoying the festivities of my Alma Mater and loving  the warm welcome of my  family and friends. But now, Sendong's wrath changed everything. The devastation brought about by Typhoon Sendong have left thousands of families mourning and displaced. As of this time, death toll has already reached more than a thousand and still increasing and more than 276,000 people remain homeless and sheltered by evacuation centers.

As a Kagay-anon, it breaks my heart to see my countrymen in such a helpless state. I know that in my own little way, I need to do something to help. The first thing I did was re post in my other blog the call to HELP CAGAYAN DE ORO and I am so happy upon knowing that many of my friends responded. Others called me and confirmed their willingness to donate. During that time I recommended that donations be given to the foundations and groups stated in my blog. Donations in any form  will be given to all the victims anyway.

Until, this particular blogger friend from the US who wishes not to be named,  reached out and send monetary help to my sister in Cagayan de Oro and even encouraged some of her blogpals to donate and help in the cause of  providing mats and blankets to 240 families staying at Xavier Heights Gym in Balulang thus "Bloggers Blanket" was given birth.  The victims are somehow surviving day by day with the food  and clothes from other  donors and also from the barangay. What they are asking right now are mats and blankets for them to at least combat the cold weather and the coldness of the cemented flooring inside the gym.

As of the moment, the funds gathered by  Bloggers Blanket are not yet enough to give a pair of mat and blanket to all the families in the community. You might wonder, what's the difference between donating to a big agency or to an organized group compared to Bloggers Blanket, I can say that there's a lot. First, you can be very sure that your donations will go directly to the recipients. Second, the only interest and objective of the group is to help the victims directly which means that corruption has no place in the group. Photos and documentation of the activities will be visible through the blog posts of this blog and the blogs of some supporters and finally someone from the group is tasked to account everything and will make sure that every penny goes to the recipients. When you donate,  you can help these people rebuild their lives...

These kids are waiting for your support. Please make their lives a little better
Victims of Sendong housed at Xavier Heights Gym in Balulang.

Bloggers Blanket aims to provide mats, blankets  and a little financial support to these families for them to start anew. Distribution of relief goods are facilitated by my sister Allyn, her husband Cy and her SIL Cindy. If you want to be a part of this cause, please send your donations via Paypal to:

Your support will really make a big  difference in the lives of this people. May the Lord  give you back all the blessings you share  more than a hundred times. Please be a  part  of this cause. Share your blessings and spread love and joy this Christmas.

*Photo credits to Allyn, Cycy and Cindy


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bella and Yoshi's Playtime : Biking

One of the reasons why we went to Cagayan de Oro   was to attend the birthday celebration of my nephew Yoshi who turned two years old last November 24,2011. With or without a big party, it has been a family's tradition to gather on occasions like this. We went there days before the celebration for us to  have time to assist my sister before the party.

On the first morning that we were there, Bella and Yoshi automatically found an instant connection with each other even though they haven't saw each other for months. Maybe kids are really like that... Both kids bond by playing and riding with Yoshi's bicycle. 

Kuya Yoshi driving his bike and Bella as passenger with Kuya Macky looking out.
The little girl is obviously enjoying the ride...
Calling Mommy Nene to remove the improvised seat belt on her waist.
One precious moment with Daddy and Mommy

Both  kids enjoyed the ride. This is one of the moments that really made  my parents the happiest and proudest grandparents on earth. Looking on their little grandchildren having fun and in  good health is just so priceless. 


Friday, December 02, 2011

First Birthday Celebration

Our little girl celebrated her first birthday bash at home last November 19,2011. The day started with a numerous birthday greetings from Bella's loving family in Maasin, Iloilo especially from Ate Yelly who managed to compose a birthday SMS for Bella at the age of 7. Everything was all good although Bella was a little sick that day. 

It took me a while to make a post about her birthday party because I was waiting to get the photos from Tito Mike who acts as Bella's official birthday  photographer  but since most of Bella's blogging Titas were very excited as I am and so I was finally "convinced" to make a blog post about it using the photos I got from my cam. Hehehe...

Anyway, I would like to thank Bella's blogging Titas (KM, Krizza, Lainy, Algene)  for being such a big  part of  Bella's  first birthday preparation. I could not thank you enough for the love, support and inspiration you have given Bella and the rest of the family. Through your generous hearts, you all inspired me to go on with the party celebration for our little darling.

Below are some photos during Bella's first  birthday party.

Dress and shoes courtesy of Tita KM
Birthday Cupcakes from Tita Lainy

Candy Corner and Chocolate Fountain by Chic
Packed food and loots for kids

Balloons from Tita Krizza
Food by Chiko's Catering

Photos by Tito Mike  and hosting by Tita Kring
Bella's guests. I actually do not know most of them... LOL!

Ninang Exper trying everything to let Bella wear her tiara...
Making a wish and blowing her birthday cupcakes...
Trying to pose for the cam... Still feeling sick....

It was a great joy seeing my little girl celebrated her first birthday with so much love from family and friends. She was actually having high fever that day to the point of experiencing  seizure at the time of her party but we are very thankful that Bella overcame it. We brought her to the doctor and we were told that there was nothing to worry about. Her seizure was caused by her fever due to teething and viral infection. She was given prescriptions and vitamins for faster recovery.

I would like to thank  everyone for the love and prayers you showed to Bella. This blog post would not be complete if I wouldn't say my thank you piece. So here it is...A million thanks goes to...

Tita Lainy  for the Birthday Cupcakes
Tita KM for the Dress and Shoes
Tita Krizza  for the Pink Balloons
Tita Raine  for the Invites 
Tito Mike  for the Photos

Special thanks  to Tachu Bren who patiently and lovingly  prepared  all the loot bags and the tags  on Bella's birthday giveaways. Another unending appreciation to Tita July and Ninang Exper for everything in every little thing and for always being there every step of the way. I love you guys!

The day ended with so much fun as a lot of kids enjoyed the games and prizes prepared for them. Even Kuya Macky had a great time too. Another milestone have been accomplished in Bella's life and  we owed everything to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making everything possible. Thank you Lord for the the life of Bella and also for the loving family and friends who made our life's journey wonderful. May you bless all of them with the life they all deserve and may the goodness they shared will be returned to them with so much more.

Happy first birthday Ysabella! I pray that you grow up to be a person God wants you to be. Your life have been a blessing to us and I could not imagine life without you. Thank you for coming into our lives and for making me and Tachu the happiest parents on earth. I just wished  good health for you now and for always. I love you, anak!


Friday, November 18, 2011

All Set For The Big Day... The Hello Kitty Way!

I have been offline for quite sometime due to our internet disconnection and also because of some errands I needed to do  for Bella's big bash. I got stressed out and  actually talked to Bren the other day about cancelling our plan for Bella's birthday but Tachu did not approve it. He said that first birthdays happen only once in every kids life and his another concern was  about the blogging Titas who are  so looking forward to see pictures and read about Bella's first birthday. Lol! He was actually worried about  what the blogging Titas might  say if the party will not push through. Haha!

Invites courtesy of Tita Raine

So? Party it is! And everything is set for  Bella's big day  tomorrow although I am a bit worried because she has  fever since this morning. Hey titas,  I would like you to take a peek on some things I have for Bella's first birthday!

Giveaways... Mini photo frame that can also be used as key chain
Hello Kitty Party Favors
Hello Kitty Loot Bags
Toys and Candies for Prizes, Loot Bags and Pabitin

I would like to thank  Bella's Blogging Titas for showering her with much love on her first birthday. I will not mention them here now but surely you will meet them on my post about Bella's Big Bash.

I am so excited for tomorrow and I am praying that Bella will  get well and the weather will be cooperative so that the kids will  enjoy tomorrow's party. It is surely a super fun day for Bella and her friends.