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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hi everyone. 

Thanks so much for dropping by here. As you can see there isn't much update on this blog because I have moved it to WordPress. I was told that it is more secured and protected to use WordPress as long as you have a reliable host for your blogs.

I would really appreciate if you can follow me and subscribe to my new posts . Please CLICK HERE  to proceed to my new home.

See you all there!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bella's Summer Look

Bren and I wanted Bella to have a long hair so even after one year old we didn't initiate to get her a haircut but we were so surprise to see her one afternoon with a super short hair courtesy of my mother. I was a bit reactive on how Bella looks. Check out the pictures below for you to understand why :( ...

A snap from Tachu's phone...
Playing with Tachu...

I actually don't know what to say when I first saw her. I think Bren and I attended mass when Bella had her haircut. When I asked mama about it she said that Bella was getting so irritable with her long hair and since she's already one year old  it's the right time to cut her hair. Mama has even justified that it is timely for Bella to have this kind of hair to avoid further irritation caused by the summer heat. 

This is how she looks before her first unforgettable haircut. Maybe, my mom was somehow right about giving Bella her summer look. I just wish it is not too short though...

 What about your little kids, do they need a summer haircut too? :-)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bella and Yoshi's Playtime: Riding on a Twist Car

Bella is enjoying summer with Kuya Yoshi around. Yes, Kuya Yoshi is in Davao once again for another round of  vacation and both kids are really having a great time together. Even at their young age, Yoshi (2) and Bella (1) get along really well. They can be both in one place for a long time without the usual fight over some toys or whatever. And that of course made us very happy. :-). Thank you kids for making our lives less complicated.

Trying to be a big brother :-)....
Pointing to a passing airplane...
Bella was trying to drive Kuya Yoshi's new twist car and instead of pushing her away from the car, Kuya Yoshi rode with her. Both kids enjoyed the ride despite the sweat coming from the summer heat. Enjoy summer!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy with the Pink Dolls

When Bella was about 5 months old, we brought her to the mall one day to have her picture taken at the studio. Since we were at the mall, we took the chance to look for some toys for her although I don't have plans of buying anything for her yet. I saw her very happy when she was given these pink dolls.

See that smile :-)

Bella wasn't able to bring home any of those  dolls yet because  I thought that she's still too young  to play dolls that time but  she  had  her first doll  last Christmas when she was about one year old.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Free For All

I bet all of us especially homemakers like me would appreciate receiving anything for free especially if those items are very useful at home. When going to the grocery, we would surely choose products with freebies, in that manner; we can save some extra bucks. Just like what I have experienced when doing an online shopping on some  items for Bella, I find it economical to buy a baby wipes with a free toy rather than buying each of them separately. I really find it amusing and somehow fulfilling if I am able to save from anything I buy.

 Being a household "finance officer", it is always a big decision for me when buying something especially when the budget seems so tight. In order to make ends meet, I most of the time search for ways to cut costs especially now that the prices is a bit higher than before. Good thing, most of the stores I went to offers product samples that are free for all. I believe that buying products with freebies or even coupons could help any household get through the tough times.

Online or offline as long as you are willing to do a little searching, products that are offered for free can be found anywhere. Believe me because that's what  I do very often and even my friends are now enjoying my little quest and they just  don't enjoy but it really helped them save a great deal. I just shared to them the site where I got freebies and coupons and when they checked it out, they could not wait but availed all the products that is offered for free.

Please check out Julie's Freebies   and see what my friends are up to. Have fun! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

First Children's Party Attendance

The first experiences of any child is always a milestone. As a full-time mother to Bella, I always see to it that I am able to take into account her many firsts in life. Just like the first children's party she attended when she was about five months old. It was Ezekiel's 3rd birthday celebration and of course Bella's first birthday invitation.

If this party was Bella's first, well, this was also my first time to attend a party as a mother and I tell you, it was a bit of an experience for me. My first time to eat using one hand while my  other hand was carrying Bella :-). I find it hard at first but get used to it in no time. It was a great party but Bella didn't have much time to enjoy it since she was already sleeping before the party ends. The poor baby was really dead to the world until we got home. I still find the experience enjoyable because moments spent with my little is always priceless.

Smiling SallyMellowYellowMondayBadge

Friday, March 09, 2012

Shopping Online for Avent Nipples

I was so happy and excited when I finally received the Avent Nipples I bought from Ebay. This is the first online shopping  I have ever made and I am impressed with how  things are going. The items I bought and paid online arrived right in our doorstep two days after the purchase confirmation.

Right now, I am really excited to check out new items online and can't wait to buy another stuff for my little girl. And what made me happier  and even prouder is that, the money I use to pay for Bella's stuff are from my online earnings. Others may see it as a small  thing but I consider it an achievement. At least, I have contributed something out of my "blogging career". ;)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Delighted With Her Unplanned Christmas Gift

Christmas season has always been a busy time for everyone, myself included. Since, I am busy with my online job and some other things, I actually didn't bother to shop or buy  anything for Bella last Christmas, thinking that she still have a lot of new dresses and toys as gifts on her first birthday. I am also very sure  that she will  receive Christmas gifts from her generous godmothers and godfathers. ;)

But Bella accidentally  have this doll as her Christmas gift ... :)

Her name is Ina... short for Ansherina...

I originally and controversially bought Ina for Macky's  Kris Kringle at school. Macky have only told me about the party the day before  the party  itself. He even specified that he should be giving his Kris Kringle a doll horse. A doll horse? Really. As a doting and responsible Aunt, I spent the whole day looking for a doll horse in every mall  but I haven't seen one. The day of the party came and Macky went to school with nothing for his Kris Kringle.

In my desire to have something for Macky's exchange gift, I bought this doll the minute SM opened and have my father brought it to his school;  but this gift was a little late because the party was already over  when  my father arrived and Macky's  Kris Kringle have already left frustrated. So Macky went home with this doll.

When Bella showed interest to play with this doll, my mom didn't hesitated to give it to her. I saw that Bella was so delighted with Ina. She would even kiss and cuddle her when told to kiss and love love Ina.  I never dared to take it away from her seeing how happy she was with Ina. Instead, I bought a new gift for Macky's Kris Kringle which he managed to give on the first day of school after Christmas break. :)

Smiling Sally

Thursday, February 23, 2012

CDO Vacation: Enjoying Her Share

In my foodie blog, I have posted about the lunch we have at Yellow Cab courtesy of Tita Cindy. I also did mention that Bella enjoyed her share on the food that was served. 

Just take a look at her...LOL!

Eating using her left hand...
... and her right hand as well... hehehe

Munching her share of baked potato and chicken wings gave Bella a blast! When it comes to eating, you can always count on  this little girl.... as in always. Hehe

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tears of Joy

Yes, I have told you that I will be in hiatus for several days but I can't help but share all the blessings our family have received yesterday. The Lord is indeed very faithful to us for sending angels to help us out in our needs. My sister and I are almost in tears when we talked yesterday not because of burden but because of the joy we felt. We are overwhelmed by the love and support our friends from around the world have showed us and also with how the Lord works in our situation right now. 

I am so thankful because:
  • My father's hospital bills have been lessened because "an angel" have helped us and even offered to help us further when necessary. "You" know who you are and you insisted not to be mentioned and our family is so grateful for your family's  love and kindness
  • Bren's family have also sent us help. Thank you very much for showing your love and support to our family.
  • I was able to asked free medicines from Lingap, Office of the City Mayor. Indeed, "Life Is Here" in Davao. I will be back again today for another round of free medicines =).
  • Another hope came when the receiving  in-charge in Lingap Center happened to be my sis in SFC. I don't recognize her anymore because we haven't seen each other for almost 12 years,  but thank you Lord because she recognizes me and she was the first to introduced herself. She told me that I could go there everyday as long as my father is still in the hospital. Thank you, Lord because it means a big savings on my father's daily medicine.
  • Another friend volunteered to donate blood in PNRC in replacement to the one I bought  but when checked, she was told that she can't donate because her hemoglobin is just enough for her body. I am still thankful and touched with the effort and support ma'am A. 
  • Received the endorsement from the hospital's pastor for PCSO assistance. Thank you, Pastor!
  • A friend have committed to lend us a certain amount next week. Another "angel" here on earth. Thank you in advance D...
I can go on and on with the blessings we have received but I am running out of time. I need to prepare now because I have a long day ahead. I am inspired and grateful and somehow relieved knowing that a lot of family and friends are there willing to show their love in their own little ways. Their love is beyond time and distance. We will be forever grateful for all of you. And may the Lord blessed you richly and return all the favor a million times.

God is good, all the time. Thank you, Lord!

Monday, February 20, 2012

In Hiatus Due To My Father's Health

First, I would like to thank all of you for supporting all my blogs even though I haven't returned any of your visits this past few days. I would like you to know that I really appreciate all the love and support you have given me through leaving your comments not only in this blog but in all of my blogs as well.  

Maybe some of you have been wondering why I haven't returned your visits yet  especially on the memes that I have join this week. I really wanted to return all the favor but couldn't find the time to do so and I would like to apologize for that.

My father is in the hospital right now. I am the only one attending to all his needs since my siblings are not around and my mother is already of age.  I brought him to the doctor two days ago for an "ordinary check up" since he was vomiting and couldn't eat anything for two days. The doctor told us to have him admitted right that moment for further check up and medication. So at around 2PM that day  he was already at the Emergency Room.

Thinking that everything is almost normal with his health,  we let Macky stay with him overnight in the hospital to assist him. We were so confident that he will be discharged after 24 hours. I went home at around 9PM on the first night of his admission and were so shocked when at around 11PM, Macky called up to inform us that the doctor them that my father should be operated at 11AM the next day.

Bren and I was a bit hesitant with the decision thinking of getting a second opinion from other doctors the next day.  When I went to the hospital the next morning, I was told to talk to the doctor on duty since my father refused for an operation, they advised us to leave the hospital that day and look for other medical institution. When I asked the doctor about the basis of their decision to operate my father, she said that the infection in his blood is way too high than normal.

Knowing that, I know that the only right thing to do is have him operated immediately to save his life. Our major concern that very moment when I told my siblings and  the rest of the family about it, is the money needed for the operation. We are not well-off so spending a big amount on the hospital is really a problem. We are in a private hospital and it is a bit costly to have the operation there although we were given an option to transfer to a government hospital but procedures are complicated.

Despite the financial concern, I have decided to go with my father's operation in that  hospital. The operation to be conducted is "ex-lap" wherein they need to open my father's stomach to check and clean it because the initial diagnosis of his doctor is Acute Gastritis and/or Acute Peptic Ulcer Disease. After paying the required down payment, my father was scheduled for  operation at around 3PM. The operation lasted for more that 3 hours. And thank God, it was successful.

We are happy that our father was saved but our next big concern is his medicines and other laboratory requirements. We need to shell out at least 6000 pesos everyday for his antibiotics aside from the pain  relievers and other medical needs. He was also required for a blood transfusion, good thing, I was allowed to buy 1 unit in the blood bank this morning. There are still laboratory tests that I put on hold until Monday or until  the money is available.  

I know that  the Lord will always provide and we are so blessed to have friends who made us  feel like family  willing to help us in our dire needs. Although we are still struggling with our finances right now, I am hopeful that the Lord will never leave us. The second life given to my father is blessing enough that no amount of  money could ever replace and  that thought alone gives me courage and inspiration to look on the positive side of the situation.

My father will be staying in the hospital for at least a week. Our current hospital bills for 2 days have already ballooned unimaginably but I worry not for I'm sure tomorrow is a  great day. I know the Lord will send angels to help us get through this.

That's it my dearies. Please continue supporting my blogs while I am away. I will definitely return the favor when everything is fine with my father. Please help us pray for his speedy recovery. I will surely miss all of you and I will be back hopefully soon. Hugs!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Toys On Sale

I only go to the mall when necessary. My life has totally changed when Bella came. Time spent outside the house should be as important as leaving Bella at home just like when I went to SM one day to pay for our telephone bills since it is just one ride away from our place. I have no plans of buying anything that day but these toys caught my attention when it was displayed near the mall entrance.

Colorful cubes  with animals and numbers and a rattle and teether in one...

The toys was on sale and I was so attracted to its colors and design. Thinking that Bella would probably like it, I immediately got these stuff for her. Bella was so happy when she saw what I have for her. 

Yep, that's what she always does with her new toys... Sensory evaluation...Lol!

Knowing that she would evaluate her toys by  holding, smelling and most of the time eating =) it, we would always wash or sterilize it first before giving it to her just to make sure that it is clean and hopefully lead-free.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Watching Brainy Baby With Tatay Bren

Although Bren is busy at work, he always see to it that he spends quality time with Bella. When I am busy with other things at home, he is usually the one taking care of Bella especially during early mornings when everybody in the house is still sleeping and Bella was the first one  to woke up. 

Tatay Bren would usually cuddle and play with Bella and when she is already bored and tired from playing, they would watch Brainy Baby together. Brainy baby and other baby dvd's would lull her most of the time.

Watching DVD at 4am...

I am so thankful to  Bren for being such a doting and responsible father and husband  to me and  Bella. He loves Bella so much and I can obviously see that she changed him for the better. Bella is such a blessing to our lives in the same manner that we were  also blessed having Tatay Bren around.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playing With Kuya Yoshi's Stuff

Our CDO vacation last year was a bit longer so Bella had enough time spent playing with Kuya Yoshi. Their usual morning routine is biking  in the terrace using Yoshi's blue bicycle with sidecar then after that,   they usually continue with  their own activity  like Yoshi watching DVD while Bella substituting Kuya Yoshi on his bike and on some of his toys. Hehehe!

Happily posing for the cam...
When suddenly an airplane passed by...Pointing to the plane!

Bella is always looking for every opportunity to grab Kuya Yoshi's toys wherein most of the time  Yoshi is sweet and generous enough to share it with Bella. Thank you very much, Kuya Yoshi Pogi!

Smiling SallyMellowYellowMondayBadge