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Friday, November 18, 2011

All Set For The Big Day... The Hello Kitty Way!

I have been offline for quite sometime due to our internet disconnection and also because of some errands I needed to do  for Bella's big bash. I got stressed out and  actually talked to Bren the other day about cancelling our plan for Bella's birthday but Tachu did not approve it. He said that first birthdays happen only once in every kids life and his another concern was  about the blogging Titas who are  so looking forward to see pictures and read about Bella's first birthday. Lol! He was actually worried about  what the blogging Titas might  say if the party will not push through. Haha!

Invites courtesy of Tita Raine

So? Party it is! And everything is set for  Bella's big day  tomorrow although I am a bit worried because she has  fever since this morning. Hey titas,  I would like you to take a peek on some things I have for Bella's first birthday!

Giveaways... Mini photo frame that can also be used as key chain
Hello Kitty Party Favors
Hello Kitty Loot Bags
Toys and Candies for Prizes, Loot Bags and Pabitin

I would like to thank  Bella's Blogging Titas for showering her with much love on her first birthday. I will not mention them here now but surely you will meet them on my post about Bella's Big Bash.

I am so excited for tomorrow and I am praying that Bella will  get well and the weather will be cooperative so that the kids will  enjoy tomorrow's party. It is surely a super fun day for Bella and her friends.


Monday, November 07, 2011

Sunshine Award

Bella has received a Sunshine Award and I would like to thank Kimmy of KIMMY SCHEMY for this.

 Now, here's the rules for the recipient of Sunshine Award:

1.) Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2.) Answer the questions below.
3.) Pass it to 10 fabulous  bloggers and send them message to let them know.

* Favorite color? Blue but now Pink because of Bella

 * Favorite animal? Dog
* Favorite number? 13
* Favorite drink? Water
*Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
* Your Passion? Aside from Bella maybe writing
* Giving or getting presents? Giving; for the Lord loves a cheerful giver *wink*
* Favorite Day? Sunday because I always look forward for Bren's day off from work.

* Favorite flowers? Pink and White Roses

And now in no particular order, the Sunshine Award goes to (drum beating)...

Lainy of  Lainy's Musings
Algene   of  The Coffee Chic
Reese  of  My Random Thoughts
Rona of  At Home Ako Dito
Anney of  Blog Ni Ako
Ron of
Jessy of  Simply Jessy
Katya Kate of Mommy Growing Up

There you go guys!Claim this award and spread some LOVE! Group HUG!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Jollitown Musical Play and Fantasy Costume Party


NCCC Mall's Activity Center was filled with magic  and excitement as Jollibee hold its Jollitown Time Travel Adventure Musical Theater last October 29,2011. This is a Halloween season's gathering for all the Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) members and  this kind event is  the very first in Mindanao. JKC Members old and new alike came in  their captivating and enchanting costumes as they sing and dance with JKC's Hymn and enjoyed the musical play featuring  Jollibee and friends; Ding Dang Dong, Rob the Robot, Gladiator boy, Quennie and Joey.

The registration of JKC Fantasy Party with live Jollitown Musical show is only P100 inclusive of Jollibee snacks, entrance fee, loot bags, and game prizes. More than 600 kids attended the event and enjoyed not only the musical play but also the games like The Boat is Sinking, Bring Me and Pass the Ball.All participants brought home Jollibee loot bags as prizes.

Some of the  kids  with their fascinating  Fantasy Costumes (Please browse using the scroll bar):


Although all kids came in costume, only 75 contestants  joined the Jollitown Fantasy Costume contest proper. The lucky winners received  prizes in a form of Gift Certificates; Champion - P3,000.00, 1st  and 2nd Runners Up - P1,000.00, 3rd and 4th Runners Up - P500.00, 6th - 10th Placers- P250.00 respectively.

The Jollitown Musical Play and Fantasy Costume Party were supported by ICEA  Performing Arts, (Production head: Atty. Melissa Suarez and director: Cristopher Lacno), NCCC Mall of Davao, Voices of the South Children's Choir, Davao Kodaker's Club, Rey Rellon Studio, Philippine National Red Cross, Davao Press Club, Sunstar Davao, Mindanao Daily Mirror, I.FM, Hit Radio, Wild FM and Edge Davao.

The Jollitown TV Series can also be watched every Sunday at 9am on ABS-CBN. Another anticipated Jollibee event is the  13th Jollibee Fun Run on January 29,2012 at NCCC Mall Car Park.