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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Delighted With Her Unplanned Christmas Gift

Christmas season has always been a busy time for everyone, myself included. Since, I am busy with my online job and some other things, I actually didn't bother to shop or buy  anything for Bella last Christmas, thinking that she still have a lot of new dresses and toys as gifts on her first birthday. I am also very sure  that she will  receive Christmas gifts from her generous godmothers and godfathers. ;)

But Bella accidentally  have this doll as her Christmas gift ... :)

Her name is Ina... short for Ansherina...

I originally and controversially bought Ina for Macky's  Kris Kringle at school. Macky have only told me about the party the day before  the party  itself. He even specified that he should be giving his Kris Kringle a doll horse. A doll horse? Really. As a doting and responsible Aunt, I spent the whole day looking for a doll horse in every mall  but I haven't seen one. The day of the party came and Macky went to school with nothing for his Kris Kringle.

In my desire to have something for Macky's exchange gift, I bought this doll the minute SM opened and have my father brought it to his school;  but this gift was a little late because the party was already over  when  my father arrived and Macky's  Kris Kringle have already left frustrated. So Macky went home with this doll.

When Bella showed interest to play with this doll, my mom didn't hesitated to give it to her. I saw that Bella was so delighted with Ina. She would even kiss and cuddle her when told to kiss and love love Ina.  I never dared to take it away from her seeing how happy she was with Ina. Instead, I bought a new gift for Macky's Kris Kringle which he managed to give on the first day of school after Christmas break. :)

Smiling Sally


  1. What a darling blue doll!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. this chirstmas delighted is so beautiful ...
    And cloorful to read and enjoy this article me.....

  3. That is one huggable doll..

    Visiting for Blue Monday-hope you can stop by:)

    1. Indeed sis... Thanks for dropping by...

  4. ka cute ani mareng oi, kahinumdum pud tawon ko sa akong doll tung una ang deperensya lang wala toy tiil ug kamot hehehe salamat sa bisita sa akong entry sa My Daily Mumbles, hope you can visit my other blog here too Sahm’s Dining Diary,t hanks mareng

    1. Lagi Mareng... Lingaw kaau si Bella aning doll nya...

      Salamat sa pag-agi mareng...

  5. hehe... may ganyang doll din ako when I was young! Ang saya nman ni Bella with her doll...

    tc Rovz! :)

    1. Saya nga nya eh. Hehe

      Salamat sa dalaw Ally...

  6. awww, cute doll :) visiting from Wednesday Whites.

  7. kakatuwa ka naman, Rovz. na-pi-picture kita siguro kandarapa ka hanap ng horse doll para sa monita/monita ni macky. imagine mo, sa pagbukas pa lang ng store, bumalik ka pa talaga para lang may gift si macky. hayyy, elementary days nga naman. hehe! buti na lang at nagustuhan din ni bella yan, at hindi naman nasayang :) at i'm sure natuwa din ang monita ni macky at kahit tapos na ang Christmas, may natanggap pa din sya ;)

  8. thanks for dropping by my WW, Rovie. that's what i love about kids in the Philippines because they appreciate every big or small things they receive.. unlike here in the U.S murag spoiled na di na ka appreciate usahay sa mga madawat...

  9. that is one beautiful doll for Bella Sis Rovie :-) Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return your white visit too.

  10. love Bella's BLUE pony tail and jumper Sis Rovie :-) Visiting from Blue Monday, hope that you can return your white visit too.

  11. thats a cute dolly!

    late visit from WW. heres my share..
    Traditional Terno
    Self Portrait

  12. what a lovely doll!! i even want one like that myself! LOL. thanks for joining.. here for a late WW visit.

  13. Your unplanned christmas gift was so beautiful. Beautiful blue honey.


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