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Friday, March 16, 2012

Free For All

I bet all of us especially homemakers like me would appreciate receiving anything for free especially if those items are very useful at home. When going to the grocery, we would surely choose products with freebies, in that manner; we can save some extra bucks. Just like what I have experienced when doing an online shopping on some  items for Bella, I find it economical to buy a baby wipes with a free toy rather than buying each of them separately. I really find it amusing and somehow fulfilling if I am able to save from anything I buy.

 Being a household "finance officer", it is always a big decision for me when buying something especially when the budget seems so tight. In order to make ends meet, I most of the time search for ways to cut costs especially now that the prices is a bit higher than before. Good thing, most of the stores I went to offers product samples that are free for all. I believe that buying products with freebies or even coupons could help any household get through the tough times.

Online or offline as long as you are willing to do a little searching, products that are offered for free can be found anywhere. Believe me because that's what  I do very often and even my friends are now enjoying my little quest and they just  don't enjoy but it really helped them save a great deal. I just shared to them the site where I got freebies and coupons and when they checked it out, they could not wait but availed all the products that is offered for free.

Please check out Julie's Freebies   and see what my friends are up to. Have fun! 


  1. so amazing read this article and good...

  2. Thats really nice article. Thanks for your post.


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