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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bella and Yoshi's Playtime: Riding on a Twist Car

Bella is enjoying summer with Kuya Yoshi around. Yes, Kuya Yoshi is in Davao once again for another round of  vacation and both kids are really having a great time together. Even at their young age, Yoshi (2) and Bella (1) get along really well. They can be both in one place for a long time without the usual fight over some toys or whatever. And that of course made us very happy. :-). Thank you kids for making our lives less complicated.

Trying to be a big brother :-)....
Pointing to a passing airplane...
Bella was trying to drive Kuya Yoshi's new twist car and instead of pushing her away from the car, Kuya Yoshi rode with her. Both kids enjoyed the ride despite the sweat coming from the summer heat. Enjoy summer!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy with the Pink Dolls

When Bella was about 5 months old, we brought her to the mall one day to have her picture taken at the studio. Since we were at the mall, we took the chance to look for some toys for her although I don't have plans of buying anything for her yet. I saw her very happy when she was given these pink dolls.

See that smile :-)

Bella wasn't able to bring home any of those  dolls yet because  I thought that she's still too young  to play dolls that time but  she  had  her first doll  last Christmas when she was about one year old.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Free For All

I bet all of us especially homemakers like me would appreciate receiving anything for free especially if those items are very useful at home. When going to the grocery, we would surely choose products with freebies, in that manner; we can save some extra bucks. Just like what I have experienced when doing an online shopping on some  items for Bella, I find it economical to buy a baby wipes with a free toy rather than buying each of them separately. I really find it amusing and somehow fulfilling if I am able to save from anything I buy.

 Being a household "finance officer", it is always a big decision for me when buying something especially when the budget seems so tight. In order to make ends meet, I most of the time search for ways to cut costs especially now that the prices is a bit higher than before. Good thing, most of the stores I went to offers product samples that are free for all. I believe that buying products with freebies or even coupons could help any household get through the tough times.

Online or offline as long as you are willing to do a little searching, products that are offered for free can be found anywhere. Believe me because that's what  I do very often and even my friends are now enjoying my little quest and they just  don't enjoy but it really helped them save a great deal. I just shared to them the site where I got freebies and coupons and when they checked it out, they could not wait but availed all the products that is offered for free.

Please check out Julie's Freebies   and see what my friends are up to. Have fun! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

First Children's Party Attendance

The first experiences of any child is always a milestone. As a full-time mother to Bella, I always see to it that I am able to take into account her many firsts in life. Just like the first children's party she attended when she was about five months old. It was Ezekiel's 3rd birthday celebration and of course Bella's first birthday invitation.

If this party was Bella's first, well, this was also my first time to attend a party as a mother and I tell you, it was a bit of an experience for me. My first time to eat using one hand while my  other hand was carrying Bella :-). I find it hard at first but get used to it in no time. It was a great party but Bella didn't have much time to enjoy it since she was already sleeping before the party ends. The poor baby was really dead to the world until we got home. I still find the experience enjoyable because moments spent with my little is always priceless.

Smiling SallyMellowYellowMondayBadge

Friday, March 09, 2012

Shopping Online for Avent Nipples

I was so happy and excited when I finally received the Avent Nipples I bought from Ebay. This is the first online shopping  I have ever made and I am impressed with how  things are going. The items I bought and paid online arrived right in our doorstep two days after the purchase confirmation.

Right now, I am really excited to check out new items online and can't wait to buy another stuff for my little girl. And what made me happier  and even prouder is that, the money I use to pay for Bella's stuff are from my online earnings. Others may see it as a small  thing but I consider it an achievement. At least, I have contributed something out of my "blogging career". ;)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Delighted With Her Unplanned Christmas Gift

Christmas season has always been a busy time for everyone, myself included. Since, I am busy with my online job and some other things, I actually didn't bother to shop or buy  anything for Bella last Christmas, thinking that she still have a lot of new dresses and toys as gifts on her first birthday. I am also very sure  that she will  receive Christmas gifts from her generous godmothers and godfathers. ;)

But Bella accidentally  have this doll as her Christmas gift ... :)

Her name is Ina... short for Ansherina...

I originally and controversially bought Ina for Macky's  Kris Kringle at school. Macky have only told me about the party the day before  the party  itself. He even specified that he should be giving his Kris Kringle a doll horse. A doll horse? Really. As a doting and responsible Aunt, I spent the whole day looking for a doll horse in every mall  but I haven't seen one. The day of the party came and Macky went to school with nothing for his Kris Kringle.

In my desire to have something for Macky's exchange gift, I bought this doll the minute SM opened and have my father brought it to his school;  but this gift was a little late because the party was already over  when  my father arrived and Macky's  Kris Kringle have already left frustrated. So Macky went home with this doll.

When Bella showed interest to play with this doll, my mom didn't hesitated to give it to her. I saw that Bella was so delighted with Ina. She would even kiss and cuddle her when told to kiss and love love Ina.  I never dared to take it away from her seeing how happy she was with Ina. Instead, I bought a new gift for Macky's Kris Kringle which he managed to give on the first day of school after Christmas break. :)

Smiling Sally