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Monday, November 07, 2011

Sunshine Award

Bella has received a Sunshine Award and I would like to thank Kimmy of KIMMY SCHEMY for this.

 Now, here's the rules for the recipient of Sunshine Award:

1.) Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2.) Answer the questions below.
3.) Pass it to 10 fabulous  bloggers and send them message to let them know.

* Favorite color? Blue but now Pink because of Bella

 * Favorite animal? Dog
* Favorite number? 13
* Favorite drink? Water
*Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
* Your Passion? Aside from Bella maybe writing
* Giving or getting presents? Giving; for the Lord loves a cheerful giver *wink*
* Favorite Day? Sunday because I always look forward for Bren's day off from work.

* Favorite flowers? Pink and White Roses

And now in no particular order, the Sunshine Award goes to (drum beating)...

Lainy of  Lainy's Musings
Algene   of  The Coffee Chic
Reese  of  My Random Thoughts
Rona of  At Home Ako Dito
Anney of  Blog Ni Ako
Ron of
Jessy of  Simply Jessy
Katya Kate of Mommy Growing Up

There you go guys!Claim this award and spread some LOVE! Group HUG!


  1. Yey! Thanks! I will do the rules!

  2. Ikaw na nga ang excited Ning! Hehehe... Congrats!

    Ning yung template ha... hehehe

  3. wrote my blog about this award already! MARAMING THANK YOU!


  4. Please let me know how to put a slide para ilagay ko na lang sa blog post ko na yun ung code ng template. Para anyone can grab it. How to do it?

  5. YAY! I feel so honored being the recipient of such award, Rovz. Thanks for thinking of me. I shall be showing it off at the blog real soon.

    It was a holiday here but we do have work. I am absent though because I am not feeling so well. I went home at my Mom's house and was just dilly dallying at the sofa, LOL!

  6. Salamat sa link Ning. Anong slide yun? Hehe.Ndi ko na gets. Soweee...

    Sige lang Lainz oi. Give yourself sometime para makapag rest. Your mind and body deserve it. Enjoy!

  7. awww your welcome and thank you so much for the award, very sweet of you Mommy, it makes me blush :-) May GOD always bless you and your family :-)

    Forever Grateful,

  8. So sweet of you Rovie! Thanks for the award! Truly brightened up my day! I will soon spread the love! Big hugs!

  9. awwwwww thanks Rovie! pang lima ka na yata sa nagbigay sakin ng award na ito. hehehe! salamat! Will visit your other blogs tomorrow na lang at humabol lang ako ng comment dito pero mag 2 AM na di pa ako natutulog. hehehe!

  10. Yeheyyy! Ako ang pinakahuling nag comment ngayon! Hahaha...naagawan na ako ng korona.

    Sensya na Rovs ha! Medyo may sakit today..Pero kanina nakapag open din me kaso saglit lang.

    Anyways...thank u sa "sunshine Award" ha. Sana nga magka sunshine na (lol).

    Will post about this later.


  11. Hahaha! Ang galing ko ako ang pinakauna. nabreak ko ang record ni Krizza at KM! Woot!

  12. Yung slide pala na sinasabi ko tulad nyang shoutmix at blog list mo. scroll o slide ba tawag jan. hahanap ako code nyan.

  13. what a sweet award. u deserve it, girl. have a fab week.


  14. Hello ate Rovs! Ngayon ko lang nakita ang post na to! Dapat talaga icheck ko si :p Thank you so much for this! I will write about this later nalang ha?


  15. Pasensya, wala pajud nako ni na-publish Rovz. Will give you a heads up once I am done showing it off at the blog.

    See yah! Mwah!

  16. hahaha! sunshine award...
    salamat rovie

  17. Odd. You're favorite number is 13. Most people don't like number, 'cause it's like a curse. Mine is 8.

  18. Hi Rovie, check my post out :)

  19. hi rovie, i posted my award and my answers
    thanks again

  20. Congratulation rovie,
    "you're the sunshine, the only sunshine, you make your friends happy in sunshine's way"
    a song always play at sunshine square which located in Penang, Malaysia.

  21. yay! may internet na ulit sya. oo nga nagchikahan kami ni krizza, ginagawa ko ngayon yung request nya.


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