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Friday, December 02, 2011

First Birthday Celebration

Our little girl celebrated her first birthday bash at home last November 19,2011. The day started with a numerous birthday greetings from Bella's loving family in Maasin, Iloilo especially from Ate Yelly who managed to compose a birthday SMS for Bella at the age of 7. Everything was all good although Bella was a little sick that day. 

It took me a while to make a post about her birthday party because I was waiting to get the photos from Tito Mike who acts as Bella's official birthday  photographer  but since most of Bella's blogging Titas were very excited as I am and so I was finally "convinced" to make a blog post about it using the photos I got from my cam. Hehehe...

Anyway, I would like to thank Bella's blogging Titas (KM, Krizza, Lainy, Algene)  for being such a big  part of  Bella's  first birthday preparation. I could not thank you enough for the love, support and inspiration you have given Bella and the rest of the family. Through your generous hearts, you all inspired me to go on with the party celebration for our little darling.

Below are some photos during Bella's first  birthday party.

Dress and shoes courtesy of Tita KM
Birthday Cupcakes from Tita Lainy

Candy Corner and Chocolate Fountain by Chic
Packed food and loots for kids

Balloons from Tita Krizza
Food by Chiko's Catering

Photos by Tito Mike  and hosting by Tita Kring
Bella's guests. I actually do not know most of them... LOL!

Ninang Exper trying everything to let Bella wear her tiara...
Making a wish and blowing her birthday cupcakes...
Trying to pose for the cam... Still feeling sick....

It was a great joy seeing my little girl celebrated her first birthday with so much love from family and friends. She was actually having high fever that day to the point of experiencing  seizure at the time of her party but we are very thankful that Bella overcame it. We brought her to the doctor and we were told that there was nothing to worry about. Her seizure was caused by her fever due to teething and viral infection. She was given prescriptions and vitamins for faster recovery.

I would like to thank  everyone for the love and prayers you showed to Bella. This blog post would not be complete if I wouldn't say my thank you piece. So here it is...A million thanks goes to...

Tita Lainy  for the Birthday Cupcakes
Tita KM for the Dress and Shoes
Tita Krizza  for the Pink Balloons
Tita Raine  for the Invites 
Tito Mike  for the Photos

Special thanks  to Tachu Bren who patiently and lovingly  prepared  all the loot bags and the tags  on Bella's birthday giveaways. Another unending appreciation to Tita July and Ninang Exper for everything in every little thing and for always being there every step of the way. I love you guys!

The day ended with so much fun as a lot of kids enjoyed the games and prizes prepared for them. Even Kuya Macky had a great time too. Another milestone have been accomplished in Bella's life and  we owed everything to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making everything possible. Thank you Lord for the the life of Bella and also for the loving family and friends who made our life's journey wonderful. May you bless all of them with the life they all deserve and may the goodness they shared will be returned to them with so much more.

Happy first birthday Ysabella! I pray that you grow up to be a person God wants you to be. Your life have been a blessing to us and I could not imagine life without you. Thank you for coming into our lives and for making me and Tachu the happiest parents on earth. I just wished  good health for you now and for always. I love you, anak!



  1. WOW!

    Ang bongga naman pala ng birthday party ni Bella, Rovz! I am so glad everything went well and that she survived that day despite feeling sick. I so love the colorful cupcakes, hehe :-)

    Sorry if i haven't visited that much, Rovz since I was sick. I couldn't almost find the time to blog when I recovered. Been very busy at work as well as my other offline activities, hehe. I hope to make it up when I come back from Zamboanga.


  2. Hi Rovs! Well...judging from the photos, I think it's a huge success. :) You have done a great job Rovs! Everything was perfectly set up and coordinated. I love the cup cakes, soooo cute!! Hahaha! Oh....wish I could have a taste of that lechon. It makes me drool...

    I feel so happy to see the photos. I love parties! Once again, happy happy birthday to our little darling Bella. I hope to witness her grow up as a fine young girl pretty soon....

    "Hugs to u Bella*

  3. Hi Tita, thank you for joining this week. Belated happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. I like her dress!

  4. Hi ate Rovs! Naku. I know I missed a gat party. Sobrang saya naman ng birthday bash ni Bella. Sayang, I wasn't able to come and celebrate it with you :(

    Sobrang bait naman ng mga blogger titas ni Bella. Ang daming sponsors. Hahaha! Everything went well talaga. At sabi nga ni ate Krizza, it was a huge success! Bongga!

    Buti naman at napost mo na rin to ate. Finally :)

  5. Hahaha! Thanks mga titas for the support...

    Finally... finally... hehehe

  6. ka bibo diay sa bday ni Bella maski sick iya face. sus, kung naa unta ko diha, apil jud ko ug kusi sa litson hahaha. happy FTF, Rovz.

  7. awww Bella is so beautiful in her 1st birthday. Happy birthday precious :-) I wish you more birthdays to come. Please give a kiss for me Mommy. Dropping some love for Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.

  8. wow! look at all those yummy foods you have Bella on your 1st birthday. I am sure that all your guests are going home with a full belly :-) Thank you for sharing your first birthday with us. Dropping some love for Yummy Sunday this time, hope that you can return the favor too.

  9. Looks like a fun party! Lots of Pink stuff and the pretty celebrant is in Pink too.
    Happy PF! Happy birthday!
    Here's mine-

  10. Bella all the foods you have makes Tita Jess so hungry. I am sure that all your visitors are very happy on your first birthday. You are truly blessed precious. Dropping again this time for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.

  11. Hi Rovs, wow, pinaghandaan ng Nanay talaga to.. Bonga ka Bella.. hahah.. sayang wala dropping by here :)

  12. Wow ang bongga nga naman ng birthday ni Bella! These blogging Titas sure are very generous! grabe, I'm impressed! Hope she's well now! Belated Happy birthday!

  13. Congratulation mommy rovie, wow galing mo mag organized ng birthday party ahh. belated happy birthday to Bella. i love that pink cupcake penge ehehe

  14. the birthday celebrant looks like she had fun on her birthday, visiting for PF, i hope you could find time to visit my share at

  15. Lechon lng akin mommy rovie, im back visiting from FTF

  16. Happy 1st Birthday Bella!wish you good health and more years to come...

    Congratulations MOmmy Rovie on a job well done not only on the birthday celebration but on the one year that has passed....

    visiting for PF#97...

  17. hello, visiting from yummy sunday, currently drooling here just looking at that lechon pic :D

  18. Happy Birthday Bella, visiting from FTF! Prayer's for bella's good health!

  19. That was a big birthday celebration. Lucky girl:)

    visiting for WW!! hope you can visit me too:)

  20. Lechon will always be my favorite and any foods I guess...hehehe

    visiting from YS...and btw I'm your newest follower, hope return the favor...thanks

    care to visit Mine

  21. Nov 19 ba mismo ang bday ni Bella? Magka birthday pala sila ng pamangkin kong si Ykaie kung 19 din sya. Happy belated birthday bella! May God Always bless you ang your family. hugs!

  22. Cute dress, cute theme:)

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..

  23. Wow!!! That was a grand birthday celeb! The darling daughter absolutely deserved it! I'm sure that was a memory to last forever! Ginutom ako sa foodies! Lol.

    Late WW visit here! Hope you don't mind!

    Precalculus Textbooks
    Sheriff's Mug
    Icebergs on Dry Land

  24. oh wow ! eto na ang pictures na pinakahihintay ko :) thanks for posting these, rovz. kakatuwa naman at ang daming sponsor ng first birthday ni Bella baby. at ang kyut ng dress nya :) fashionista in the making talaga ^^ at ang kyut ng kupkeyks at balloons! sa sunod na bday ulit ni Bella baby ;) di man ako maka-attend i'll make sure to send my love to Bella baby :)


  25. wow belated happy birthday to your princess Bella... thanks for sharing and sorry for this late WW visit!

  26. super cute! Belated Happy Birthday, Baby Bella!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Mommy Laptop?

  27. Thank you everyone for visiting especially sa mga blogging Titas.

    Thank you in advance Tita KM for the love... Mwah!

  28. Happy Birthday Baby Bella!! Same kayo name ng youngest ko.

    Thanks for joining Pink Fridays! <3

  29. Happy Brownies! Here's mine-

  30. the last paragra[h made me teary=eyed. we, moms, were really sensitive when it comes to "motherly" stuff:)

    belated happy birthday to the little princess.

  31. wow, to the highest level talaga ang celebration ni baby Bella...I love it...nakakagutom naman yung hinanda mo mamiRovz...ehehhe!

    sorry for the late visit from PF...:)

  32. wow! what a celebration! i hope she enjoyed it hehehe happy birthday bella!

    visiting from thursday brownies. do visit our blog too! thanks.

  33. Wow grabe ang sponsors for Bella's bday celeb. Happy birthday little one.

    Thinking Out Loud

  34. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and looks delicious :-) missed eating the crucnhy "lechon" Thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for Thrusday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.

  35. Miss having the real lechon:(

    Visiting for TB! Hope you can visit mine too..

  36. Wow, a great party and having fun, so many yummy food. I like the hello kitty and the cup cake looks delicious and the candy too. Nice shot.

  37. Kumusta na si Bella Baby, Rovz? I hope she is doing just fine.


  38. hi,
    happy birthday to your first birthday ....
    may god bless u to sweet heart........


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