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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laughing at 3 Months

The joy of  being a mom is so profound. I think this is a  kind of gift that comes with motherhood. As a full time mom, one of my joys is seeing firsthand Bella's milestones. When she was about 3 months old, I noticed that Bella is already laughing. Not just smile but laugh especially when her Kuya Macky  is playing with her. 

Pardon the picture... it was taken from my cellular phone...

I got to witness almost all of her many firsts right before my very eyes. Those moments were  priceless and no amount of money could ever pay. I thank God for this and for the circumstances that led me to be a stay at home mom. Blessing is indeed in disguise.


  1. ang cute cute ni Bella. chubby cheeks sya :) buti na lang nakunan mo ng picture ang mga milestones nya. pwede mo sya igawa ng slide show para sa bday nya and play sa projector di ba? ;)

  2. Ang cute nya mag smile pati ako napapa smile! hehehe!

  3. Sis KM: Oo nga sis naisip ko din... I'll try to do that...

    Thanks Tita Anney for visiting... Miss ka na ni Bella... Lol!

  4. What a smile! Very captivating! Fashionista talaga ang batang ito....naka head band agad! Hehe..Good Morning Rovie! Hello Bella...:)

  5. awwww so lovely Bella! Like you I've witnessed and captured my daughter's first real laugh when she's 2 months old. I added this link and followed it as well my dear. Thank you :-)

  6. Ang cute lang! :) Naaalala ko yung bunso namin. Ako yung unang naka witness lahat ng first nya kasi ako naman nagbabantay sa kanya both of my parents kasi are working! :)

    Visiting from WW.
    私はあなたを愛して Therese

  7. ay wala ipin ang lami ra ba jud paminawon ning 1st laugh ba kay cute..ako mga boys Rovs, kay lisod kaayo pakatawaon adtong baby pa. kapuyan ka na lang ug hagwa, di japon mokatawa. mo smile lang gamay, mao ra...mga suplado kaayo..

    mao nay advantage sa mga moms nga mao jud nag alaga sa ila babies...kay ma witness jud ang mga precious moments.

    btw: 4 blogs na lang nako ang wa pa ka ma add blogger platform, humana tanan...hehe

  8. she's a super cute baby!!! :) love it!!

  9. Oh that is a very cute age. :) I have a baby too but 4 months old. I love it when they laugh and responds smiling and cooing at you. Visiting you from Wednesday Whites sis. Come and visit my WW too. BTW, I'm your newest follower.

  10. Oh! Bella really love to smile, she very same like my daughter too, always smile and laugh non stop.

  11. what a cutie, violet headband pa talaga oh...

  12. aww, she is such an angel! you are blessed to have her!

    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites! Visiting as a host and as a participant from:

  13. So precious smile...happy WW! Mine is up too.

  14. awww so precious with Bella's first smile :-) dropping some love for WW. I hope that you can drop some love in return


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