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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Angels of Inspiration, First Children’s Book

Every parent wanted the best for their children. Giving the best doesn’t only mean providing financially or materially but most of all molding them to be the person of worth and value. Children that are shaped positively are most likely to grow up confident, strong, optimist and emotionally stable in every aspect of their being.

As a parent myself, I am determined to do everything in my capability to give what is best for my little one. With this in mind, as early as now I will start with reading her children’s books that can develop her interest and personality. I know there are a lot of helpful and inspiring children’s book out there but I wanted something that can encourage her to be creative, imaginative and with a positive influence that may be able to inspire her to be strong, confident, motivated and an individual with a healthier mind set and lifestyle when she grows up.

These features can all be found in one book. I am talking about the Angels of Inspirations first inspirational book for children entitled "Lydias Dream Come True." Aside from the aspects I mentioned, the book aims to bridge the gap between the great lack of learning tools and guidance for the young generation. The authors believed that what children are learning is outdated and very basic that is why they have come out with a book that can motivate and inspire the youth and can also promote emotional well being through creativity and positive thinking.

Through "Lydia’s Dream Come True," the Authors wanted to share their vision of reaching out to the younger generation, to encouraging the young individuals to have a strong, confident and positive mind that will help prepare them for a bright future ahead. The Angels of Inspiration books will also help parents like me to teach children to develop a positive mind set by setting good examples. 

"Lydia’s Dream Come True" is the very first children’s book from Angels of Inspiration. Sales from the book are also helping to raise funds and awareness for the Three Oaks Foundation, a safe shelter for abused women and their children. The purpose is not only noble but also beneficial for the parents and children alike.

Please grab this opportunity to inspire your children and also helping the foundation by ordering "Lydias Dream Come True on To know more about where and how to purchase the book please send email to the author, mail to:

For more information about Angels of Inspiration, Lydias Dream Come True, Please contact Dawn O’Dell @ or see



  1. Thank you so much Rovelyn for your intrest and support in Angels of Inspiration.

    Here at Angels of Inspiration we believe in giving back but we are only 2 people, it takes a family a community to pay it forward.

    If you are intrested in purchasing Lydias Dream Come True, contact me @

    Thank you from Angels of Inspiration m Dawn & Derek

  2. Starting to read books to children early will help develop the love of reading in our kids. I hope little Bella will grow up to love reading. God bless.

  3. My dear
    I am sad that Bella has not been well :) poor princess. Glad she is recovering. Hugs and kisses for the princess ya


  4. Interesting read! Will check it out.=)

  5. This is fruitful book that we should share to our children at young age ..


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