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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

First Swimming Pool Experience

One of the activities  we attended during our vacation in Cagayan de Oro was a pool party courtesy of my  college buddy Erwin. It was actually a mini-reunion plus his wife's advance birthday celebration. I initially do not have  plans to let Bella swim in the pool because she have colds that time but since we were already there and also due to the encouragement of everyone around, I allowed Bella to play in the pool side.

Bella playing  while Erwin and his kids (Ethan and Enzo) on the background...

She did enjoy playing in the water letting her feet get wet at first and eventually her hand and finally her whole body as well. Since I  was not planning to let her swim, I did not bring her swimsuit but let her wear a dress  and   leggings instead. Her Ninang Lucille was making fun of her swimming outfit. Lol!

Happily playing with Ate Nonon...

With Ninang Lucille, Tita Jing and Enzo...

It was raining that night and although she's obviously feeling cold, Bella was so hesitant to get out of the pool. She enjoyed playing with Ate Mika, my first inaanak and Ate Nonon, Mika's younger sister . While a little worried about her colds, I  was also delighted and proud to see that Bella is not afraid of water but rather  enjoyed it. It was a revelation for me and I  consider this experience as another milestone in Bella's life.

Thank you Marie for the First Comment...

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  1. Bella is such a cutie! :)

    Tuwang-tuwa naman sya sa first swimming pool experience nya ano? :)

    Visiting you back, Ate from WW!

  2. Thanks Tita Marie...

    Sobrang saya nya at finally nakaligo na din sa swimming pool...

  3. nakakatuwa naman na nag enjoy sya sa pool... =D

  4. Uy ha! It's indeed a milestone in Bella's life. I am sure she had loads of fun, Rovz. Nakakatuwa kayong tingnan :-)

  5. lumalaki na talaga si Bella ah :) padami na ng padami ang milestones nya, which is good! mukha namang enjoy na enjoy sya, at cute na cute din ang outfit, lalo na yung leggings nya ^^

    bisita na din ito para sa meme :)

  6. Bella must really love the water :) Have a great day! Dropping by for TT.

  7. Glad that your daughter enjoyed the water. Playing in the water I guess is so much fun for them! Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Sis! Wow...mukhang sinisimulan mo na i reveal paunti unti yung mga happenings nyo ni Bella at Macky sa CDO. I'm happy for Bella. It's really nice to have an account of our kids milestones. It is something great to look back at times...

    Andito pa me sa Vietnam while having this comment. I'm having breakfast sa Pho 24. nakakapagod ang byahe ko Sis. :)

  9. She looks excited...Visiting from happiness is.

  10. If only Bella could speak, I'm sure she'd say, "Buti na lang hindi KJ ang Mommy ko." :) She definitely looked happy and had fun in the pool, Rovz :)

    Thanks for linking this up to Happiness Is...

    Until next Happy Friday! Kisses to Bella :)

  11. @Krizza: Oo nga sis eh. It's my way of contributing sa nangyayari sa CDO at least kahit papano may magandang memory hoping that one day maibangon ulit ang CDO..

    @KM: Thanks sa mga paulit-ulit na dalaw. Mukhang masaya sa happiness is mo ha... Daming sumusuporta...

    Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for sharing your time with Bella.

  12. the little girl is indeed happy with her first pool experience...visting for Happiness Is meme, mine is up at, i hope to see you around..

  13. how cool! klaro kau nga enjoy si bella sa pool! labay ko dire kadali mamiRovz...sensya na karon lang tawon nakag wara hangover ko sa!

  14. She sure had wonderful time in the water

    visiting from {FLO}WW

  15. what a fun day swimming with Mommy, asa ni dapit Mommy? aron at least puhon makabisita mi kaligo pud mi ani na pool :-) Visiting from Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the favor too.

  16. Hello Mommy Jess...

    This pool is inside Bloomingdale Subdivision in Iponan. Dili lang ko sure karon kung naa pa ni since and wholde subdivision mura na's swimming pool atong Sendong...

    Thanks for dropping by!

  17. Mukhang super enjoy ang baby! Ang conservative ng swimming attire ni Bella! hehehe!

  18. That's cool..She is so cute and looks like she had the fun exploring..

    Visiting for WW! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

  19. awww Bella is having a great swimming lessons with Mommy and the kids :-) Visiting late from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.

  20. am here again, this time for my late visit for PF, i hope you can slso visit my share at, see you around..

  21. Pools are always great places for kiddos. I bet Bella had a great time with all those access to the splashes! :)

    Visiting for last week's Tuesday Travels as a host. Thanks for joining! TT for this week is now up and running! Inviting you once again! :)

  22. visiting this time for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too Sis. Bella looks like enjoying her first pool swimming lesson.

  23. looks like she had a blast!
    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites!

  24. Look at that little girl.. It is so obvious how she loves the water!

    Late visit dear from PF! :)

  25. Visiting again this time for happiness is, hope that you can return the visit too.

  26. I'm sure she will be coming back for more:)

    Visiting for PF! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

  27. She looks excited...Visiting from happiness is.


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