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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Easy Tips for a Childproof Home

 Your little bundle of joy surely gives happiness everyday. Young kids have this ability to lighten up even the gloomiest mood and turn a parent’s bad day to a good one. Having toddlers running around the house sure is a lot of fun but your home could pose some dangers to these youngsters and you might not even be aware of it. Ensuring that they are safe and secured even while the house is a responsibility of every parents. Remember that young children are often active and curious about things, always keep an eye out and look at what they are up to in order to prevent any accidents.

Having a childproof home also provides a great help especially for busy parents. Since moms and dads have other things to do around the house, it will benefit them to have a home where they can feel at ease and confident that their kids are safe. Here are some easy ways on how you can make your home a childproof one:

  1. Install safety gates on areas where babies and toddlers could easily get into an accident such as the stairs.
  2. Since kids run around the house, make sure that the corners and edges of tables and other furniture have protectors that way they won’t get injured if they accidentally bump into it.
  3. Most home improvement and other retail stores sell doorknob covers which is necessary in order to prevent your children from opening the doors to the rooms around the house such as the storage or laundry area where tools and cleaning products might be in store.
  4. Young kids, because of curiosity will insert their fingers on holes that they see. If electrical outlets around the house are within their reach, place outlet covers and make sure that appliances are unplugged when not in use.

At all cost, avoid having too much clutter, hang the electrical cords and keep your floor free from things that might strangle them or make them trip over.

Sabrina is a freelance content writer that is passionate about reading and traveling. She is currently working on a gulvafslibning Odense project which aims to provide information about floor sanding in a Danish city called Odense.


  1. Wow! I smell some moolah again ate Rovs. Mao ning kay April :)

    1. Hahaha! OO kay Ally... Nag email ka sa iyaha?

  2. aha! eto na ba yung minessage mo sa'kin na guest post or ibang raket pa 'to? congrats ah :) pero okei yung mga tips na sinabi nya, at ang kyut kyut ni Bella as usual! sunod nyan sya na yung nag-b-bike talaga ;)

    nga pala napansin ko din yung Blogs I Follow na yun noon pa. hindi nag-u-update ng tama at laging nag-pa-palit ng pangalan ng kusa kahit anong rename ko, after ilang days makikita ko nag-iba na naman. pasaway yung widget na yun, kaya nga nilagay ko na lang sa bottom, at gumawa na lang ako ng alphabetical blog list sa side bar.

    1. Eto na yun sis. Maganda kasi i akma nila sa niche ng blog mo ang post nila so okay lang...Hehe

      Gora kana sis.Subukan mo lang....

  3. Ah yan pala yung sinasbi mo Rovs. Okay naman pala kasi bagay sa niche mo. Ang lakas talaga makatunog ng 2 nating pals pag raket. Naamoy talaga..hahaha! Joke :)

    Di ba pumayat si Bella Sis? Yan yung time na mahirap alagaan yung kid, pag bago bago pa lang naglalakad.

  4. Hahaha! Ang bilis nga ni Algene at KM eh...

    Pumayat sya ng konti sis dahil ang likot na... Konting hawak na lang sa daliri ang ginagawa nya but marunong na syang mag balance kapag naglalakad but need pa rin ng alalay kasi baka ma out balance.

    Yang picture na yan nung nasa Cagayan pa kami last November...Hehehe

  5. ay sos, pagka gwapa man kau sa dalagang gamay...:)

  6. Wow, thats nice tips dear. Surely it will be very useful thanks for posting.


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