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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Watching Brainy Baby With Tatay Bren

Although Bren is busy at work, he always see to it that he spends quality time with Bella. When I am busy with other things at home, he is usually the one taking care of Bella especially during early mornings when everybody in the house is still sleeping and Bella was the first one  to woke up. 

Tatay Bren would usually cuddle and play with Bella and when she is already bored and tired from playing, they would watch Brainy Baby together. Brainy baby and other baby dvd's would lull her most of the time.

Watching DVD at 4am...

I am so thankful to  Bren for being such a doting and responsible father and husband  to me and  Bella. He loves Bella so much and I can obviously see that she changed him for the better. Bella is such a blessing to our lives in the same manner that we were  also blessed having Tatay Bren around.


  1. Yan ang dakilang ama! You and Bella are both lucky souls to have such a caring, loving husband and dad, Rovz.

    1. Oo Lainz... He's a God's gift jud. He may not be perfect but his weaknesses are negligible... Salamat sa Ginoo...

      Surely, si Prince nimo ana pud na...

      Thanks for being the first commenter here Tita...

  2. ang cute tingnan ng mag-ama mo, rovie. i love the second photo, really beautiful moment caught on cam. salamat sa pagbisita!

    1. Thanks Mai... I am still sleepy when I took that shot...

      Si Bren usually ang bantay pag madaling araw kasi ako naman ang matutulog...

  3. Ang cute naman ni Bella sa pics at gising ng gising talaga ang bagets. It's nice to know that you have such a lovely family.

    Sorry Sis ha, di ganu nakakaikot eh. Busy kasi now.
    Hugs to you and bella!

  4. Ang aga naman, whew! Thanks for the visit.
    My Daily Mumbles

  5. Naku, mukhang Daddy's Girl in the making si Bella ah ;)

  6. Lovely BABY Baby Edward coming by now? :)

    Visiting from WW.

  7. Sweet bonding for dad and daughter :) Happy WW ;)

  8. Awww...Kawaii (cute)Bella!Looks like Bella's a Daddy's girl^_^

    Happy Wednesday Whites!

  9. oh what a cutie! love this moment. =)

    visiting from WW. heres mine
    Snow Day and Hello Kitty iPhone Case

  10. super serious watching Brainy Baby... i think i will have to buy this dvd for my 8 month old too... but he doesn't like to watch tv. anyway, late visit for WW!

  11. that's so've got responsible man in the house! bella looks so lovely at seryoso sa brainy baby! my little girl loves brainy baby too! try wiggles also, its nice! visiting from WW, see you around. :)

  12. wow a hands on dad is such a blessing, very much like my hubby!! we are so blessed. I can't help but notice that lovely smile of Bella... so sweet! thanks for joining, Rovie. Here for a very late WW visit!

  13. Wow that's really nice. Loving dad taking care of Bella


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