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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas with Bella

This has been our second  Christmas with Bella and we always look forward to celebrate this season with her together with family and friends. She was still a month old when we celebrated the first Christmas with her  in 2010 and during that time she was just practically sleeping all night long.

Bella's first Christmas...December 2010

This year was somehow different; we let her sleep earlier on the night of December 24 and woke her up to join us in the celebration of the Noche Buena. She was a little sleepy as you can see in  her  pictures but she did enjoy the food as she was lavishly eating her share of lechon manok which sadly triggers  her allergy. 

With Tachu Bren enjoying Lechon Manok...
A pose after eating our Noche Buena...
Bonding time with Nanay and Tachu at Waterlily Street...

We just celebrated a simple Christmas  this year aside from the fact that our budget is tight due to our previous spending especially on our recent vacation and also on Bella's birthday celebration   last month. No matter how simple, Christmas  is always perfect when shared  with friends and family.

As a mother, Christmas will always be happy and memorable with our little girl around. My only wish and prayer this Christmas is for Bella to be in perfect shape all the time.  

Merry Christmas and advance Happy 2012 to all  of you

Thank you Sis Jessica  for the First Comment...

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  1. awww Bella is growing up so fast and Mommy she is a cutie :-) Returning the visit for Wednesday Whites. I do appreciate it :-)

  2. next year nyan nakikigulo na sa noche buena si Bella ;) happy new year sa inyo, rovz! :)

  3. @Sis Jess: Thanks Mommy!

    @Sis KM: OO nga eh... Actually ngayon nga nakikigulo na but madali naman gawan ng paraan...Bigyan lang sariling plato at pagkain solb na si bella baby tita... Hehehe

    Happy New Year sa inyo ni Doc!

    1. talagang magana pala sa pagkain si Bella ah :) at least hindi ka nahihirapan sa feeding time no, rovs? ;)

      nabalik dito for Happiness Is. salamat sa pag link. oo nga, pag ito pa ang napili ni Random.Org, ewan ko na lang talaga. hahaha!

      by the way, hope all is well with you and your family, rovs :)

  4. agree with u, no matter how simple the preparation is, the fact that the event is celebrated with all the love ones present, that is all that matters.

    have a wonderful media noche celebration.

  5. ahaha, cute sleeping baby photo :) Hope to see you in my Wednesday Whites Entry.

  6. cute man kau! naka pink man jud silang tulo...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year mamiRovz...sensya karon lang nakag wara-wara!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    ...and a happy new year too.

    Thinking Out Loud

  8. Ate Rovs! Ang cute talaga ng Christmas party niyo! Lalo na anjan si baby Bella. Wish you all the best for the New Year :)

  9. Happy New Year. Bella is getting bigger and prettier

  10. Ay! Baby Bella is getting bigger na. I am so sure tuwang-tuwa sya sa xmas celebration nyo, Rovs.

    Tama ka! It's always great to celebrate special occasions with your love ones.

    From my home to yours, may you have a fantabulous New Year.


  11. Bella is growing and getting so pretty Mommy :-) Visiting this time for Pink Fridays and awww! I was the first commentor, that is seldom happen :-) Hope that you can return the visit too.

  12. Beautiful family photos..

    Visiting for PF! Here's my share- hope you can visit too..

  13. bella is so cute!! ;) she will be a lot bigger this Christmas!

    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites. Visiting as a host and from my entry, Happy new year!

  14. OMO... nidako man ug kalit si Bella.. waahh next year Rovie.. for sure mamira na nig gifts.. so cute.. love her photo on her first christmas... lovely! thanks Rovs for seeing my blog :) hehehe

  15. It's always fun when there is a kid(s) around on special holidays! Bella is so adorable!

    Late visit for WW. Hope you don't mind!

    B&W Fan
    Trumpeter Swans
    Family Mug

  16. uy Bella pahingi naman ng lechong manok! hehehe! May u have a fruitful 2012! Happy New Year!

  17. dropping by here again sis. Hope to see you in my Pink entries one and two. Happy New Year!

  18. love her first Christmas pix Sis...Bella is so precious :-) Visiting from Happiness is, hope that you can return the visit too.


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