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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Overcoming Acute Viral Gastroenteritis

 It is very painful for a mother to see her baby weakening due to sickness. It was more than a week now since Bella got out of the hospital due to Acute Viral Gastroenteritis with Moderate Dehydration. This was the first time I saw her go through this although I know that once in her life she  will eventually get  sick but I am still not prepared for it.

I am sharing this story for my readers especially for the mothers to know and understand its symptoms and how to overcome it based on our personal experience. I learned a lot from this one though hoping and praying that it will not cross our path again.

How  It All  Started

At around 2AM of Monday, my visiting sister and I were awaken by the sound coming from Bella’s behind then we saw that her  stool was watery. I thought it was just normal and after changing her diaper I go back to sleep. But after an hour she again gave out another watery stool and from then on I knew something is not right. 

By 6AM, she already had fever and when I checked it, her temperature went up to 38.5 degrees Celsius so I immediately gave her paracetamol for babies which are readily available at home. We went to her doctor by 10AM and we were given prescriptions. It includes Hydrite Powder  to be mixed with 250ml of water which will be given to her as fluid replacement every time she poops; Organic vitamins like Vitagard and Vitasquare and also Acidophilus which helps control diarrhea.  We were also advised to have her urine and stool tested if diarrhea persists for the next two days.

soundly sleeping

For the whole day, we just stayed inside the room while I was monitoring her temperature and giving her medicines. Late that afternoon, she started to vomit.   She vomits everything she eats. I was glad that Bella didn’t refuse her milk and even drinks her water with hydrite on it.  I was so worried seeing her that way so I send a message to her doctor and we were advised to give her 1.6ml of  Domperidone syrup hoping that her vomiting will gone.  I am just so thankful that her fever was gone that night.

Another day came but still no improvement on her condition despite the medicines we are giving her.  For the whole 24 hours, she poops and vomits like around eight to ten times or maybe even more. Early morning the next day, we finally decided to bring her to the hospital.

In The Hospital

After the usual Emergency Room SOP’s like resident doctor’s inquiries, getting the weight and all  Bella was given dextrose. At first it was supposed to be on her left hand but the nurse said that it was not appropriately placed so it was transferred to her right hand.

My heart was torn apart seeing Bella cry in pain. It was so unbearable seeing her so helpless. She was crying and looking at me as if asking me to rescue her. I can’t do anything but go on with the procedure and just be strong for her. Bella was crying out loud the whole time the nurses in the ER tried to put the dextrose into her.  It was just less than thirty minutes but it seems like forever to me. She was just ten months old and yet she has already experienced this kind of pain.

Part of the hospital’s SOP is to direct their patients in the ward so I requested to be transferred to a private room for Bella to have a comfortable and convenient place only to herself. That morning, she was given Immuno Zinc and another synthetic medicine which I forgot the name. We were also advised not to give her anything yet like milk or water to let the medicine work. 

with IV

Within the twelve-hour period that we were at the hospital Bella didn’t vomit although she poops like around 3 times. Her stool ( fat globules) , urine and CBC test results are all within normal limits except for her hemoglobin count which are relatively lower due to lack of sleep the previous days. Based on the laboratory results, the doctor’s diagnosis on Bella’s condition was Acute Viral Gastroenteritis with Moderate Dehydration and she  was recovering fast although it was very obvious that she develops phobia when she saw nurses coming near her.

We were discharged from the hospital after twenty four hours with the advised that medications should be done continuously for another seven days. We were so happy because that day is also my mother’s birthday and Bella’s recovery is a birthday gift to my mom and of course to me and to the whole family.

What are the Possible Causes of Viral Gastroenteritis

Based on her stool laboratory results, no presence of bacteria or any virus but only fat globules. As explained by her doctor, it was caused by indigestion in infant which I agree. My mom likes to feed Bella breads and anything she can think of eating which may somehow caused it. We are also taking into consideration that since Gastroenteritis is viral; Bella possibly got it from my visiting nephew who first showed signs of Acute Viral Gastroenteritis.  Yoshi and Bella  are both sleeping in the same room with us and since it is air conditioned, virus are possibly transferred from one another. Although Yoshi has not been brought to the hospital, he and Bella are taking the same medicines and since he is a year older he somehow has a stronger immune system to combat Viral Gastroenteritis.

in her tita jing's care

Overcoming Acute Viral Gastroenteritis

eyes swollen from crying

Even though Bella’s hospital sojourn was short, it greatly helped her recover. The monitoring, the medicines and the dextrose helped her speed up her recovery. I have also develop immunity to Bella’s whimper every time the nurse was around to check her vital signs or give her medicines. It hurt me really bad to see her cry and all I can do is comfort her  and let her feel my love and assure that everything is for her own good.

I have to choose and I chose what the best is for her and that to let her undergo medication the hospital. After a day in the hospital though less frequent,   Bella was still having a watery poops that is why her doctor advised to change her infant formula to a Lactose-Free one. I am still breastfeeding Bella but I am supplementing her with infant formula to prepare her for weaning anytime.
Lactose Free Milk

 Lessons and Realizations

Do not take chances with the life of your baby. In whatever sickness if you see that the symptoms persist immediately bring her to the hospital to be given proper treatment before it is too late. I thank God for giving me the wisdom to decide that before Bella will be severely dehydrated, we right away brought her to the nearest hospital. As a parent, always invest in your baby’s health because prevention is better than cure.  I would rather spend some penny in boosting her immunity which will give me peace of mind thinking that she can overcome whatever sickness that may come along rather than spending money for the hospital bills and even see her suffer all the more. 

That particular experience alarmed and pained me for I realized that I can overcome anything and everything in life and face it with strong heart but I am very fragile when it comes to Bella. She is just a baby and should not be in pain. I know that I should be prepared for whatever and just be strong.  I  always pray to God that He may bless Bella’s life and that she may grow up to be happy and healthy and become a child God wants her to be .  

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  1. I think Bella is prone to illnesses considering her condition when she was born but again I would rather say that you should expose her to at least a little germ. hehe

    BTW, how to join seofirst? What's the requirements? Thanks

  2. Sir Rob, I think a little germ exposure won't hurt her... hehe.. I was kind of overprotective, you know almost all mommies are...

    About seofirst, you may email your inquiries to or send your articles to and their admin will just contact you..

  3. Hi rovs... awww.. wawa naman ni bella, maayo gani OK na siya run.. no.. akong bugoy kay gihutoy man sad... I was at the geek-up and they are the hospital dropping by I got a post at my blog about the meet up.

  4. nice to hear she's ok now! left some love and following you, hope you do the same, thanks!

  5. I'm so glad your little one is doing better. It is so hard when they are sick. The lactose-free formula will probably be very good for her. Sean had to have it when he was a baby. He broke out in big red blotches and his face got all swollen up but he was fine after the doctor said to switch him to lactose-free.

  6. awwww :( poor bella. glad okei na sya ulit. it's true, a little exposure to pathogens won't hurt ^^ it actually increases immunity :)

    give my hugs to bella baby !

  7. thanks everyone for your concern and for dropping some love...

  8. The same thing that happened to our son, I always told my wife to just let him be so that he will be immune at least to some germs.

  9. hay tawon kalooy ni Bella, katilaw na ug mga tusok-tusok...maayo na lang kay okay na at naka uli na...bitaw oi, ang batang sobrang linis, dali ra noon magkasakit..kay ako mga anak mao sobrang linis, dali ra sip-onon, dali ra giingnan ko sa amo silingan nga i-expose pod daw nako sa germs ako anak para strong ang immune system hahaha.

  10. Hi Rovie!

    My heart goes out to you for the scare this caused you and to little Bella for going through this. I hope she's better and thanks for sharing your experience. God bless you both!

  11. Glad she's fine now, mahirap talaga ang may maliit na baby. Hindi mo alam kung ano ang masakit o nararamdaman unless umiyak.,

    Hoping for the best, God Bless!

  12. Hirap talaga pag ang bata ang magkakasakit nanaisin mo pa talaga na ikaw na lang ang magkasakit kesa ang anak mo. Thank God she's better na. Hugs!!

  13. so cute naman ni Bella and the name also! I love it!

    I answered your questions about my blog's design sa shoutbox mo. Do you design your own blogs din ba?

  14. Hi! I know how you feel. It also pained me na maturukan anak ko na 4 times. Ang hirap kasi maghanap ng ugat eh. Sa right foot naman ng anak ko nalagay yung dextrose niya. It's a good thing na okay na si Bella :) I was searching for that particular milk that you posted. Thanks for sharing! God Bless you and your family!


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