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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Gave Birth Inside The Car

In my previous post, I have said that Bella was not delivered inside the hospital but inside our car. Yes,  just 5 minutes before we reached the hospital. And here  is the exact account of that day... 

It was November 19,2010... A day I could never forget. It was a beautiful Friday morning. I woke up early and after eating my breakfast I was prepared to play "tong-its" (card game) with mama and my cousin Jing. Playing card games was part of our daily thing. I demanded it to keep away boredom and also as part of the family's bonding. No money was  involve in our game so it wouldn't be considered gambling :). 

At around 9:00AM, I felt uneasy and I informed mama about it. I also called my sister and my husband letting  them know my situation. My husband wanted to go home right away thinking that I will be giving birth any minute but I told him that it was not yet my due date. My sister has also told me that if I'll  be giving birth that day, it wouldn't be that early. So I just relax and chat with friends on facebook and even  let  mama cut my toe nails.

this is Bella's  real birth place

 At 10:00AM, the pain was progressing so I called my doctor and told her about it. She advised me to go to the hospital right away. It still didn't dawned on me that I will be giving birth that day that's why  I just laid  down and nap. After an hour, mama has been very persistent in saying that I should take a bath and prepare to go to the hospital because she was sure that I will be giving birth anytime soon. And so I  did.

By that time, the pain was very progressive already. Though  I am in pain, I still managed to ate lunch and dress up for the hospital. I also called Bren telling him to go home right away. My water bag  broke  between 11:30AM- 12:00NN. Bren arrived home at exactly 12NN. We all hurried up to the hospital with my sister driving and Bren sitting beside me at the back seat.

2 hours old Bella

My sister was really driving fast while I was trying to control and manage the labor pains. Most of the time I turn to Bren for comfort.The pain was really there and it was real! I already felt Bella in between my legs so I told Bren to check out and when he did,  he saw that Bella's head was already out. He immediately caught her and without much effort from her father,  Bella gave her first ever cry. It was like music to our ears. 

Despite beating on the  red lights   and overtaking here and there with a few whistles from the traffic aides, I gave birth  to Bella inside our car; it was at the intersection of Sta.Ana and J.P. Laurel Streets. Time is exactly 12:30PM. We arrived at the  hospital  5 minutes  after I gave birth and  there goes Bella  lying in her father's  hands. She was immediately taken cared of by the doctors and nurses while I was brought to the OR. It was not just  any ordinary  experience but a happy momentous and unforgettable  one  for me  and most especially for my husband. Anyway, who would ever forget that? Our little  Bella made history.Lol!


  1. Great story! My youngest had a very quick birth and I just got to the hospital in time :) New follower from MBC, have a great week!

  2. i never knew that was the story, its exciting..... i'm imagining, smiling... congrats though..

  3. Thanks Frugal and Flong... That was really exciting...that's why we cannot sell the car until forever... hehehe

  4. You are one of those lucky women who gave birth easily ... no long labors ... congratulations.

  5. Hey! Following you back from MBC! What an awesome birth story!!! I would have been terrified to be the driver! Driving a 5 minute old baby without a carseat! haha well congrats, she's a beaut :)

  6. Hi,
    That is so interesting.Thank you for sharing. Baby so kawaii :)
    Kiss her for me


  7. Hi Rovie! That's quite a story. Luckily both you and Bella did well despite such a stressful delivery. I bet you're never going to want to sell that car now, huh? Thanks for visiting my blog today, happy to follow you, too!

  8. Congratulation, Rovie, amazing experience, love your story, my daughter was two years old already, I just start my personal blog. Following you, thank you for following me, thanks a lot. how is your confinement day? Chinese women do their confinemment day for a month.

  9. what a great birth experience! congrats for having such a lovely baby :)

  10. Hey mama, just thought I'd come back to let you know that you have a Blog Award waiting to be claimed on my blog :) your blog was definitely an awesome recent discovery!

  11. Gosh what an experienced, lol.. glad to know that you and Bella passed the challenge in flying colors.. :)

  12. That's really an unforgettable experience. I've had 5 deliveries but they were not as exciting as your experience. Just glad that you and the baby are fine.

  13. Bella actually acquired infection so we need to stay longer in the hospital for treatment...

    i'll post about it soon... thanks everyone for taking time to read and post comments. I really appreciate it...

  14. Wow! I agree with Chin Chin, this is truly an unforgettable delivery. It was a blessing that you were able to deliver quickly and safely. :-) When I was reading your post, I remembered the time when my daughter was born. I have to experience labor pain for 12 hours and then the OB declared that it should be delivered through CS.

    Your baby is such a blessing!

  15. I am new in your blog and wasn't sure if it is your first baby or not. And if it is the first then your labor is so quick and not happening most of the time.


  16. @ sir rob.. thanks for your comments... I actually forgot to include in my blog about this old belief of my mom about putting some snake's oil in a mother's belly during labor can hasten the labor and child birth.

    I don't actually believe that because there's no scientific explanation to that but when my mom applied some on me, my water bag immediately broke...

  17. It was extraordinary for me, Rovs! I am all hats off to you for being such a courageous woman! Bella can't wait to see the world and didn't wait for the docs and attendants of the hospital, hehe. She is such a blessing to your family and so she deserves a bonggacious party on Nov. 19, hehe.

    It isn't everyday that I hear this kind of story. Thanks for the share!


  18. Thanks for the compliments and the support Lainz...

  19. hOW's the preparation going, Rovz? Are the blogging Titas invited? Hehehehe! Inimbita ang sarili eh no? Hehehe. If di kami makakarating, yong gift nalang namin ;-)

  20. Hi Tita Lainz... So far so good naman ang preparation. Panukaran na lang jud nako ni... Hehehe....

    I would love to have you, KM, Krizza and the rest of the blogging titas on Bella's special day. I just wish totoo na pwdeng sakyan ang walis tingting especially yung nasa malalayo...

    Ikaw ang pinaka malapit, it would be an honor to have as a guest on that day tita...

  21. YAY! Thanks for the invite, Rovz. Would love to be there to share on Bella's milestone and also to finally see you face to face.

    I hope I could file a LOA for that day. It's a Saturday but COMELEC do report for work on Saturdays, and even holidays. I will find a way. If worse comes to worse, Bella will receive my gitt virtually :-)

  22. Hoping and praying that your LOA will be approved...

    I'm so excited to see you tita lainz... Hehehe

  23. ito ang unang post ko na nabasa sa blog mong 'to :) nung unang basa ko dito, shinare ko kay vince kagad kasi interesting na sa car mo pinanganak si Bella ^^ sarap balikan basahin :)

    thanks for linking up to Happiness Is, rovz. kiss mo ako kay Bella!

    1. Thanks sa dalaw Tita KM...

      Kisses back from Bella Tita...

  24. Oh my, what an exciting, heart racing, and painful but joyous experience you have Mommy Rovie. Following this blog now.

    Visiting from Happiness is, here's My entry, you might want to link up this post to my meme.

  25. oh that labor pain is just unforgettable. mine was very quick too. it is so amazing how u deliver yours. =)

    visiting from WW! Here's my take for this week..
    My Beanie Hat
    Claytons Creativity Desk

  26. awww! what a birth story that is Sis, glad that Bella came in perfectly healthy :-) Thank you for sharing your story with us :-) Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too.

  27. wow! what an incredible birth story you have for Bella Sis. I guess she cannot wait to see the world :-) Glad that everything went well :-) Visiting from Happines is...hope that you can return the visit too.

  28. Brave Bella... and mommy is even braver!! wow, that's quite a story!thanks for sharing...

    Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites!!
    Visiting as a host and from my entries,
    See you again at Wednesday Whites –linky will be up in a few hours!

  29. lucky mommy for having such a quick labor, it took me more than 24 hours before i gave birth via induce labor, late visit for Happiness is i hope to see you around at

  30. wow, that is really something to tell her story when she gets older :) amazing and i'm glad the baby and you are fine sis. visiting from Wednesday whites.


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