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Friday, October 28, 2011

At The Mall With Tita Mama

The clinics of Bella's Pediatrician and her ENT is just beside  the mall that is why after  our monthly  appointment, we usually go to the mall to have lunch or do a little shopping. My sister who wants to be called Tita Mama is always accompanying us as a driver and most of the time looking after Bella while I was busy with some stuff.

Bella with her Pretty Tita Mama
Taken when Bella was about 4 months old

Being a mom herself , my sister knows how to take care of Bella that is why I am confident to let her watch over her.  I am so blessed  to have  a loving and understanding sister who is always there every time I need her. Thanks so much sis for taking care our little angel!


  1. what goes around comes around, rovz! you have been a loving and caring aunt to Macky, so ngayon si Bella naman ang may very loving at caring Tita Mama.

    pansin ko lang talaga naman palang may pinagmamanahan ng kagandahan si Bella ah ;) saka ang saya naman ng clinic visits nyo, kasi deretso gala sa mall lagi after ^^

    visiting you for PF, rovz! kakatuwa at regular na tayo sa memes. nakaabang na nga lang ako lagi ng updates ng blogs mo, ni Lainy, Krizza, Algene. wala ka pang cbox sa Food Trip blog mo pero lagi din ako nakabantay dun kung may bagong food. hehe!

    naka 100 followers na pala ako? lol. di ko napansin kung di mo pa sinabi. sige pag 200, magpapa-give away na din ako. hehe!


  2. Ikaw na nga sis ang pinaka unang commenter ko for this post... Parang lagi lagi na lang ata... Hehehe..

    Maraming salamat sa suporta sis... Aabangan ko yang ika 200 followers mo ha I mean ang giveaway mo pala... hehehe...

    Thanks for reminding... Hayaan mo lalagyan ko ng cbox ang food trip... Hugs!

  3. Swerte ka Rovs at may constant companion ka when going out. Masarap ang may ka close na sister. Bella is lucky at may 2 Mama sya! :)

    Dito ulit para makipag ikutan kila KM at Algene! Hahaha....

  4. Swerte nga talaga sis... Kaya lang lumipat na sila ng Cagayan de Oro so halos minsanan nalangkami lumalabas tapos mostly taxi na lang. Still need to learn how to drive pa...

    Hahaha... Pa ikot ikot na nga lang tayo eh...

    Salamat sa dalaw sis...

  5. Bella akin na lang yang mittens mo! hihihi! Ang cute cute kasi parang ikaw ! Si tita mommy super alaga talaga kay Bella! You are so lucky to have a sister like her na laging nanadyan pag kailangn mo!

  6. your post made me miss home =( i dont have anybody here to watch my kids. i cant go anywhere without them tagging along. lol. but its okay. i still wish i got somebody.

    by the is my pink, Pink Pepper Spray. I hope u can drop by!

  7. hmmmm.. looking around, huh! big hug!

  8. A, ka cute naman. So lucky to have a pretty sis that is always available for baby:)

  9. So nice of your sister naman! Namiss ko tuloy mga sisters ko.

    our family

  10. dropping by for PF, mine is up at, hope you can visit my share and leave some

  11. Say hello to your sister and bella, how is bella?

  12. Nice name thanks for visiting mine. Cute Bella...

  13. What a cute, precious baby:)

    Visiting from PF!

    Hope you can visit me too:)

  14. Dear Bella,

    You are a very lucky fella for having your Tita Mom who cares and loves you unconditionally. Actually, it's not only you that's lucky. It's also Mommy Dearie because she's spared from looking after you, hahaha!

    P. S.

    When is your 1st birthday? Do tell your pretty Mom that you want your blogging Titas' presence on your big bash, LOL!

  15. sweet baby girl, please give her kisses for me Mommy :-) visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  16. you are lucky to have a sister who always accompany you and help you out with Bella...wish I also have a sister,huhu

    dropping by for PF#94, also a new GFC follower for this blog

  17. Aww, she's adorable lil girl. How fortunate that she got an Aunt who can babysit her. How I wish I have my relatives to babysit my kids too. :) Come and see my Pink Fridays entry here too.

  18. ohh sooo cute:) godbless little one;)


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