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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awake at 3 AM

 As a first time mom I find it difficult  to identify Bella's sleeping patterns. There were times that she woke up at around 5or 6 in the morning but most of the time she's up by around 7AM. I am somehow grateful that she seldom "disturbs" us with his sleeping  habits. But this "seldom" happened just a few days ago wherein she was fully awake at 3AM.

posing for the camera...

with her Tachu (Tatay) who are obviously sleepy...

at least they both manage to smile... lol...

Bella's favorite subject during her waking hours is her Tatay Bren, who wants to be called Tachu.  Whenever Tachu is around her or near her she  got so  excited because she rarely see him during day time because he is at work. So even if Tachu is still sleepy he always spend time with Bella even at 3AM. Lol...

Watching  DVD
Play and Read Books

Above pictures were Bella's  other activities aside from cuddling and playing Tachu at dawn.  She normally goes back to sleep after two to three hours of playing and watching DVD.

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  1. antok pa yung itsura ni bella sa second picture. hehe! pero cute na cute na dun sa third picture :)

    makakadating pala si Flo sa bday ni Bella. ayos yun kasi tagal na din kayo di nagkita.

    oct 30 ang wedding anniv ko. kayo ba, kelan? pareho ba tayo?

    yung 2Peeeps pala, i think kaya sya under sa profile ko kasi may access ako for guest post.

    congrats pala uli sa sarili mong domain names. pinagiisipan ko din kumuha, pero gagawa na lang siguro akong bagong blog para dun if ever, pero i-keep ko pa din 'tong more than seXy.

    thanks sa mga bisita at comments at tips sa blogging. i really appreciate it.

    take care. hugs and kisses to bella baby :)

  2. What a cutie you got there, sis! Love her smile! :)

    Late visit for PF! Hope you don't mind.... :)
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  3. Aba...marunong na pala mang istorbo si Bella ngayon.. Hahaha. I agree with KM. cute sya dun sa 3rd pic at nakuha pa mag smile...

  4. uy, hindi lang pala birthday ni Bella baby ang malapit na, pati pala anniversary nyo ni papa Bren :D at oo nga naman, kakatuwa at sabay din sa anniversary namin ni Vince. korek, we're meant to be friends :)

  5. it seems she's a smart kid..don't worry you will be fine!

    visiting from WW..

  6. what a darling....halatang inaantok pa si Tachu...:)

  7. awww poor Daddy to be awake by her Princess :-) she is a cutie Mommy, do not worry, she will sleep in no time, visiting for WW hope that you can visit me back too

  8. Hahaha. Hello sleepless nights pala ang show dito! Good job Bella! ;-)

    Late WW visit! Hope you can stop by mine, too, if you get a chance!
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  9. LOL the poor daddy managed to smile knowing he will be blogged! haha..nice photos of your little angel, sis. thanks for joining WW!

  10. Awoke at 3 am haha! And she even posed for the camera hehe! So cute and poor tatchu. I also had same moments too back when my kids were still toddlers. Their energies never fail to surprise :)

  11. at si papa bren naman ang inantok sa second pic.. he he...


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