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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Preggy with Bella at 7 months

This blog was created to be an online journal of  Bella's life. And talking about her, I wanted to start sharing her story when the time that she is still in my womb. My little girl did not gave me a hard time during pregnancy. Yes, there were several times that  I have become uneasy  but I embraced it all as I was comfortably bringing her in my belly as she grows heavier and bigger day by day.  I anticipated the day of her arrival with much joy and excitement.

with 7 months old Bella inside me

Bella has let me experienced many firsts in my life. I don't have to tell it all because I am very sure that almost all first-time moms have the same stories to tell.  But my very unforgettable one was when I gave   birth to her  on our way to the hospital. Yes, she was delivered inside our car! You asked how and what exactly happened?  I will tell you more on my next post ;).


  1. Blooming na blooming dito si preggy Mom ah, hehe!

  2. Hahaha! Salamat Tita Lainz...

    Namugos ko kay Bren na magpa picture para naay remembrance sa pagiging buntis...hehehe


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