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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bella Acquired Infection

In my previous post I talked about where Bella was given birth. Since the whole environment was not sterile Bella was infected. She was diagnosed with  Neonatal Sepsis, the term that is very unfamiliar to me. The NNF Teaching Aids defined Neonatal Sepsis as a clinical syndrome of bacteremia with systemic signs and symptoms of infection in the first 4 weeks of life. I don't understand it either :).

2 days old  @ 11.21.11

Bella was tested for Complete Blood Count daily within 3 consecutive days because her initial result  was below normal due to infection and her platelet went as low as 21K/ul  wherein the normal should be at 147-347K/ul. Her blood samples were also cultured to check if her bloodstream was infected. To cure her infection, Bella was given antibiotics for seven days.

undergoing Phototherapy
On our 3rd day in the hospital,  her doctor noticed that Bella's skin was becoming yellowish and that condition is called Jaundice. According to KidsHealth, jaundice is  a common condition in newborns and it refers  to the yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by excess bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is produced by the normal breakdown of red blood cells. Whatever that means,  I am pretty sure that Bella needs further treatment. 

In her left foot is a heplock -used for her antibiotics injection
Though Jaundice can be considered normal to newborn babies, I can't help but worry seeing Bella so helpless with all of  those treatments. Bella's doctor has ordered to let her undergo Phototherapy. It is a light treatment wherein a  phototherapy  light is use to eliminate bilirubin in the blood. These light waves are absorbed by the baby's skin and blood and change bilirubin into products, which can pass through their system (credits to UM Mott Children's Hospital).

The Phototherapy treatment lasted until the day we were discharged from the hospital. It was a 24/7 treatment and the  only rest was during bathing and diaper changes. Thank God, Bella is strong enough to surpass  all those treatments not to mention the antibiotics she's taking three times daily and  the several times of  blood sampling which made her  cry her heart out. By the way, she's  supposed to have Urinalysis but we weren't able to get her urine samples for the nth time of trying  so her doctor decided to just let it pass. 

Bella with the Photo Lights On

We were allowed to go home the day the last shot of antibiotics were given. It was the day my nephew Yoshi  chose to celebrate his first birthday  to also welcome Bella in the family. It was an emotional moment for me thinking that finally I can say that my little girl is now safe. By the way, her new born screening result is all within normal limits. I thank the Lord for giving Bella a strong heart to get over all those challenges. Our little bundle of joy is indeed a big warrior of life.


  1. Glad she is alright
    sure is a warrior
    Kiss her for me rovie


  2. girl to define it in lay term - SEPSIS - infection in the blood

  3. After reading your post, I am glad that your baby girl now was alright, she is a strong girl, she knows mother will worried about it.

    My baby girl got jaundice too when she borned and need to take phototheraphy treatment for 24 hours. She also got hypothyroidism, and need to take her blood test frequently, start from beginning she need to take almost every week, after that she need to take her blood test for every month, then for every three month, and now she take her blood test for every six months. Doctor says she need to take her medicine until she become three years old for further decision, either she will take her medicine for her whole life.

  4. Aww I'm glad she's okay! My little girl had jaundice as well, it really is very common. We had to make 3 trips back and forth from the hospital after she was born to keep checking her levels, it was so sad having her little baby foot pricked over and over again. I hated it :( But she's perfectly healthy (and a normal color, lol) now! I'm glad you're girl overcame the infection and you were able to take her home... I started going into early labor at 31 weeks and again at 35 and was on bedrest for 2 months of my pregnancy and medicated to keep me pregnant, and the whole time I was just so scared of having her early and having to leave her at the hospital when it was time for discharge.. Thankfully it didn't happen that way and she was born at 39wks & 1 day! Sorry for the ramble.. you know how us moms get when it comes to talking about your babies... :)

  5. @Wei, I'm sad to hear your story but just like Bella your baby girl will be just fine. I'm sure she can overcome that... Thanks for sharing your story...

  6. Thank you very much Ali for sharing your stories too. Just like you, I also hated those times when Bella's foot was pricked again and again for her lab test samples. I'm glad that we are sharing the same feelings. And I wanted to congratulate our little girls for surpassing it!

  7. All mothers will be the most affected whatever happen to her child, just by reading your story makes me teary eyed...I'm glad she's okey and I know she will..God bless her more ^_*

  8. What a little sweetheart! Just found you through I can't believe you gave birth in the car! Your blog looks great, by the way!

  9. I'm so glad your beautiful little one is doing better! What a sweetheart.

    I'm your newest follower from MBC. Hope you and the family have a great weekend! :D

  10. graveh experience mo Rovz.. sa car ka inabot hehe.. luoya pod diay ni Bella pag-anak oi..katilaw man dayon ug mga tusok-tusok..maayo na lang kay survivor sya...anyway, ang Pink Friday rovz kay i-click lang tong Pink badge ato, kay aron modirect ra sa site..taga CDO ang host Mommy Ruby.. TY sa visit.

  11. I am glad Bella is now okay. Like you I was also so preoccupied with my baby's health when he was still an infant - actually till now. I guess that's how mothers are - always worrying :)

  12. Thank God, Bella is now doing well. Thank you for sharing your story with us. God bless you.

  13. You have adorable and precious baby. She is a fighter baby

  14. I pray for her healing my dear. God bless!

  15. Thank God your baby is now safe. New follower via adgitize, hoping you can also follow my blogs :)

    my online journal | my soltero baby
    Today's News | Wonderfully Fabulous You

  16. Great to know that your Bella is ok now. That's a good news. I remembered our son who had jaundice when he was born. It took us a couple of visits and needle sticks to check for bilirubin count before he was finally cleared by his Peds. I wonder why the doctor did not advice to expose your baby on the sun. When we were discharged on the third day, we expose our son on direct sunlight for 5-10 mins every day. It helps in getting rid of the excess bilirubib, it is just like the phototherapy that was done in the hospital.

  17. It's difficult and expensive for a little one to get sick. But it's always good to hear that little angels like your Bella survived the ordeal.

  18. @Sir Rob: Bella's Pedia actually advised us to expose her in the sunlight but the exposure was just limited to the sun coming from the hospital window since we couldn't bring Bella out of the hospital room due to possible exposure which may cause further infection.

  19. I stumbled upon your blog and... Awww... I could just imagine how you, as a mother, felt... Nice to know she's so okay now... Stay healthy Baby Bella!

  20. I see, that make sense though. Regarding the flu vaccine, I thought your daughter was still less than 6 months and that's why I asked about it. lol


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