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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Our Little Girl's Baptism

As a Christian, we believe that it is very important for a newborn baby to be baptized the soonest possible time. After we got out of the hospital, Bren and I immediately planned for Bella's christening. Bren's family suggested that we do it right away  but we asked for enough time to plan and  prepare for it. We  wanted to make that day memorable and special for our little girl and of course for the whole family as well.

Bella's Invites

And on the 19th day of December 2010 where she is exactly one month old, Bella received Christ  at San Lorenzo Parish Church.The picture used in the invitation was taken at Picture City when Bella was around 3 weeks old. This was purposely shoot for the invites since I don't have a decent photo of Bella during that time. The design was chosen by my sister Allyn.

She's so behave... No whining... No crying...

With Godmothers and Godfathers

Guada Confesor
Karen Barsal
Exper Tallada
Rachel Remperas
Mildred Solana
Lucille Basong
Joy Dolar

Belner Padawag
Rex Oliver Velesrubio
Cycy Reposar
JN Calunsod (proxied by Nick Hunt)
Seth Emmanuel Casco
James Villareal

With Tatay and  Nanay

Ninang  JM removed her socks to  make her feel comfortable because that day was so humid but then we all   forgot to put  it back on  when the ceremony started ;)                                       

Lunch follows at our humble abode...

Our little girl is finally a Christian. Thank you ninangs and ninongs for all your love and support. You may be living away from us but you  never cease to made us feel loved.


  1. Ito ang isang bagay hindi ko pa nagawa sa mga anak ko, kung nasa pinas siguro ako nabinyagan na pero dito daming kung i take into consideration at sa sobrang busy rin hindi pa makapag plano kasi may mga bagay na dapat mauuna. pero soon, mapapabinyagan din namin itong mga anak namin,

    welcome to the christian world Bella

  2. in my religion, it's call " tasmiyah "

  3. Sean wasn't baptized until he was 4 years. After it was finished we were still standing there and everybody in the church started laughing. We looked at him and he was putting his hand in the water and baptizing himself more.

  4. Sending you my Liebster Blog Award.

  5. thanks everyone for the comment...

    super thanks chelle for the recognition...

  6. Adorable baby! Welcome to the Christian World!

  7. Welcome to the christian world baby Bella..

    from Kuya Seth.. lol

  8. nakatawa ko sa isa ka commenter nimo Rovz..kanang si Wilma..

    buotan diay si Bella nga gibunyagan.. sus ang akong bunsoy, hastang hilaka kay nakuratan sa tubig nga bugnaw hahaha

  9. Mao lagi Te Kat kay 4 years old naman nabunyagan iyang anak mao kabalo na maligo. Hehehe...

    Kalooy sa Ginoo nagbinut-an pud baya si Bella. Luoya pud ni bunsoy oi. Hahaha. Lingaw kaau mag remember sa ilang mga important events.

    Salamat sa pagbisita te. Kabalo ko WW na bah... Hahaha

  10. What cute little angel on her white dress:)

    Visiting for WW!! Hope you can visit me too:)

  11. awww she is so precious Mommy :-) I lover name, so sweet :-) It looks like she had a memorable baptismal :-) May people will love her, yummy foods too :-) Dropping some love for Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.

  12. good girl!! ;)congratulations, mom and dad! thanks for joining Ww ..

  13. Thanks for sharing your family's precious moment. Congratulations to your family.

    I enjoyed my visit. Thank you.


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